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AntiqueIs my sam460 broken???20110320 23:54
Having really bad days recently.
Got a sam460.
Now im running using sd card and onboard gfx.
Getting random freezes,annoying requests about errors on harddrives.
Problems installing on hd. Sometimes installs,but won't boot afterwards. Etc etc...

Anyone else having these problems or am i the only one???

Posting from ib,since owb does only give me dsi or lockup after short time. :(

Last edited by rigo at 20110322 01:32
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tonywRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 00:05  #3039

That sounds like a most unusual situation. I would look for some global problem, eg poor power supply, RAM card not seated properly, SATA cables not seated properly, etc.

It may also be that your SD card is faulty or incompatible. I've heard about batches of SD cards that are labelled as top quality, but are actually falsely labelled and sold cheaply as the "good" ones.

Get back to the basics. Don't trust the on-board SATA driver, it's known to have issues. Wait for an update before relying on it. In the meantime, use a PCI SATA card, it's known to work. After spending all that money on a Sam 460, you can afford to spend another EU20 on a SATA card.

AntiqueRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 00:09  #3040
The power supply is new,have 2 ram modules,have a pci sata controller,tried that and the onboard one.

TuxedoRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 00:17  #3041

I know some users here in italy and no one reports your problems so or you have a fallen board, a fallen hd, or something that gices you some weird problem...
logicalheartRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 00:37  #3042
There are SATA controllers that will allow you to install to hard disk, but not boot from hard disk.

What OS4 media are you installing from, and what are you installing to?
hansRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 02:45  #3044

The power supply is new,have 2 ram modules,have a pci sata controller,tried that and the onboard one.

You could still have power supply issues even if the PSU is new. The Sam460ex uses very little power, so a power supply expecting a heavy load might not be able to deliver stable enough voltages.

LiveForItRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 02:54  #3045

So this what you have been doing.

Fix your PC so you get your Skype working again, and ask for a recommended PSU for your Sam460.
AntiqueRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 07:39  #3049

I have installed from dvd. And onto hd's.
Currenlty i'm booting from the sd card that came with the machine.
SinanRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 09:05  #3052

I don't have problems with my Sam460.
What kind of PSU, Ram Module ?

I am using a 450W PSU and Kingston 2GB ram module..
daedalusRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 12:08  #3055

If possible, check the specs for the PSU and see what sort of minimum load it allows. 450W is probably pretty high, and might expect to be loaded to a minimum of 75-100W (at a guess). Some PSUs won't switch on when the load isn't high enough, but others switch on and give bad voltages. You could check this out if you have a few old drives lying around - connect them all up to the PSU and see if that helps at all. There are also utilities for checking the RAM - leave a memory checker running for several hours, maybe overnight and see if it shows any errors. It's rare but not unknown for electronics to just be faulty when new...
LiveForItRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 13:10  #3058

What PSU model do you use?
AntiqueRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 19:49  #3070

I have 2 kingston 2GB ram modules. No change with either of them.
The psu is an ANTEC 430 Watts psu. It came with my antec nsk 6580 midi tower.
kickoRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 20:08  #3071

I heard Norweigan electricity is of low quality. Come here and connect it at my place and well try :p
LiveForItRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 20:08  #3072

Way not try the Sam440 PSU :-P
LiveForItRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 20:14  #3073

Grady electricity companies sell all water power to Sweden :-(
whit end result of low water deposits, this is again a nice excursive to increase the electricity bill.
AntiqueRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 20:24  #3075

I have sold the 440. :P
logicalheartRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 23:15  #3081
What controller is your DVD drive on? What controller is your Hard drive on?
e.g. PCI slot 3112, PCI slot 3114, PCI slot 3152, Sam460 internal, etc.

AntiqueRe: Is sam460 crap???20110321 23:45  #3085

Both the dvd and the hd is on pci Delock sata controller(3512).
rigoRe: Is sam460 crap???20110322 01:33  #3087

I've made the topic a bit more relevant.

TiredOfLifeRe: Is my sam460 broken???20110322 13:15  #3096

You could update to the new UBoot and try the onboard SATA.
AntiqueRe: Is my sam460 broken???20110322 20:35  #3110

Downloaded the uboot update. But seems it's not a iso file after all. Makecd complains about it. Anyone else got it working?
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