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      AmigaOS 4  
alfkilDescent 1 reborn for AOS420110321 22:17

Took a few days off from Qt and decided to go and play with the Descent sources (since I couldn't find a working port for os4). This is the result:


Thanks to Christian Beckhaeuser and the amazing SDL team, this was probably the easiest port ever ;-).
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samo79Re: Descent 1 reborn for AOS420110321 23:06  #3080

Good one thanks :-)
eliyahuRe: Descent 1 reborn for AOS420110321 23:23  #3083

very nice. thanks for the port, i've been enjoying it the past half-hour! a few observations:

1. the SDL-only version is rather sluggish on my SAM, as would be expected, but the openGL version performs fluidly.
2. the SDL-only version runs without a hitch
3. the openGL version presents DSI errors, but ignored, the game loads and plays just fine.
4. the binaries also work with the shareware data files, for those who don't own the game. they can be downloaded here:


edit: i forgot to mention that in the openGL version the type in the introduction is rendered as blocks, so you can't read it. if players are new to descent, they may want to launch the SDL version just to go through the intro to all the various 'enemies' in the gameplay.

-- eliyahu

Last edited by eliyahu at 20110322 13:08
PhantomRe: Descent 1 reborn for AOS420110322 03:18  #3088

Which one is supposed to be the best to play?
alfkilRe: Descent 1 reborn for AOS420110322 13:04  #3094

If you can live with the one small graphics error and a few harmless DSI's, then the ogl version is by far the better option. Tip: Turn on trilinear filtering and set your screen to 800x600. Pow! ;-)
PhantomRe: Descent 1 reborn for AOS420110322 14:11  #3099

Thanks. Can this be fixed in the future or it's OpenGL's problem with the current available version?
alfkilRe: Descent 1 reborn for AOS420110322 14:56  #3101

I'm looking at the minigl sources right now. Hans says he doesn't have the time to fix it (understandably so), so I will have to have some time to look at it myself.
328gtsRe: Descent 1 reborn for AOS420110323 00:48  #3120

thanks! will try once I have my OS4.x machine :-)

shadowsunRe: Descent 1 reborn for AOS420110323 08:27  #3125
SamFlex 800 / 1 Go :

"D1X-Rebirth v0.56.0
This is a MODIFIED version of DESCENT which is NOT supported by Parallax or
Interplay. Use at your own risk! Copyright (c) 2005 Christian Beckhaeuser
Based on: DESCENT Registered v1.5 Jan 5, 1996
Copyright (C) 1994, 1995 Parallax Software Corporation
DESCENT is a trademark of Interplay Productions, Inc.

Type -help' for a list of command-line options.

Using plain old SDL audio
sdl-joystick: found 0 joysticks
Error: Assertion failed: Piggy_bitmap_cache_next+zsize < Piggy_bitmap_cache_size, file main/piggy.c, line 666"
alfkilRe: Descent 1 reborn for AOS420110323 23:10  #3149

line 666

This is most certainly the work of the devil... ;-)

1) Try increasing stack to 2000000 (2mb)
2) Try deleting any descent.cfg file present
3) Try the adescent executable
4) Try the datafiles with a windows or mac version of descent if possible

Where did you get the datafiles? Are they original or do you use a shareware version? Do you have latest minigl? Which os version are you using?
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