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orginAmigans DNS20110324 13:07
Mikey_C finally got a clue and were able to provide the IP adress to the new old crappy xoops site.

I will change the DNS settings to point to it at around 19:00-20:00 tonight Swedish time. 6-7 hours from posting this. The DNS entries should then propagate to everyone within 24h.

Last edited by orgin at 20110324 13:07
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kas1eRe: Amigans DNS20110324 13:09  #3158

What version of xoops will be used on new site ? (maybe all those bugs are old ones already)
orginRe: Amigans DNS20110324 13:11  #3159

No idea, I'm not involved. I'm not touching Xoops ever again.
kas1eRe: Amigans DNS20110324 13:13  #3160

We always have your engine in end, so if some problems will occurs with new xoops based site, temp one on your engine can be used again (with all that temp-db).
Mikey_CRe: Amigans DNS20110324 13:37  #3161

Apologies Orgin, but an email back to me requesting the DNS would have smoothed things through nicely :-)

Thank you for your efforts :-)
orginRe: Amigans DNS20110324 13:45  #3162

walkeroRe: Amigans DNS20110324 15:13  #3165

The new website will use the Xoops 2.4.5, which is the latest stable version. We didn't use the v2.5 because it had many incompatibilities with the old database and modules, and also had a lot of bugs.

We have all the modules updated to their last version. Xoops code isn't changed anywhere, so we can have this website easily upgradeable in the futura.

Also, a few necessary security modules are installed. Of course the website will get improved almost every day/week with new things and bug fixes.
orginRe: Amigans DNS20110324 15:34  #3166

Also say goodbye to requesting any type of customizations.
Mikey_CRe: Amigans DNS20110324 15:48  #3167

Actually Orgin, you'd be amazed at the ideas Walkero has to improve the site.
orginRe: Amigans DNS20110324 16:12  #3168

ChrisHRe: Amigans DNS20110324 19:36  #3170
I've bookmarked the IP address of the "old" Amigans site, so I can get back to it if necessary...
chrisRe: Amigans DNS20110324 19:41  #3171
I have to say I'm with Orgin on this one. I suggested we kept the temporary site as the main one, as it has pretty much everything we need already, is likely to be more secure (and if not we have the benefit of "security through obscurity" which all Amigans love) and avoids the disruption of changing sites back. The old/new Xoops one would have been brought back as a read-only archive.

Needless to say, I was shot down.

I have no idea what plans walkero has for the new/old site, perhaps making such information public would be a good idea?
orginRe: Amigans DNS20110324 20:09  #3174
The DNS entry for www.amigans.net has now been updated so you'll be able to enjoy amigans.net "Vista" edition in mere moments!

Party on!

LiveForItRe: Amigans DNS20110325 14:58  #3193

www.amigans.net does not work again?

amigans.net works just fine.
kas1eRe: Amigans DNS20110325 14:59  #3194

same here
orginRe: Amigans DNS20110325 15:21  #3196
@LiveForIt & kas1e & All

The DNS system works like this:

The DNS servers for amigans.net (123-reg.co.uk) holds the correct entries.

Those DNS servers starts to share that data with other servers.

Those servers share it with other servers and so on. Sometimes a server gets new DNS data from server that hasn't been updated yet which means that it can go back and forth for a while.

It usually takes 24h for all DNS servers (In the whole world) to make up their mind about what entries are correct.


No one in amigans staff can access millions of DNS servers around the globe and set the correct entries manually.

The only thing we can do is set the correct entries (Done already last night) and then wait until it has propagated everywhere.

If your "local" DNS server has the wrong info then it's not something we have done wrong, it's just your DNS server that hasn't gotten the right info yet or can't decide which information is correct.

This also means that people around the globe gets different results depending on the propagation. Which renders questions like "www.amigans.net does not work again?" pointless, since it depends on where in the world you live and how you and your isp are connected to the internet.

Last edited by orgin at 20110325 15:22
ChrisHRe: Amigans DNS20110329 10:04  #3203
Sometimes a server gets new DNS data from server that hasn't been updated yet which means that it can go back and forth for a while.

So DNS entried aren't time-stamped nor have a "revision number" or anything sensible like that? :(
TrevRe: Amigans DNS20110331 04:35  #3208

DNS zones have a version number, but records do not. Records do have time-to-live values; however, the layers of caching resolvers, layer-3 "accelerators", and forwarders often render TTLs useless. Some resolvers, e.g. Java's standard resolver, cache lookup results indefinitely by default. ISPs usually institute their own policies or do really, really stupid things like define global wildcards.
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