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BelxjanderWanted: Development Hardware for a returning developer...20110516 07:28
Does anyone have a sam440 or can donate towards funding a development sam460?

I currently reside in Christchurch City New Zealand.

Im also willing to complete small tasks and earn whatever I can towards building a development system
and will be interested in paying for everything myself where possible.

I am able to obtain a major part but not all of the money needed for a sam440 or sam460 system,
thats why I am making this appeal to the wider community.

Thank you everyone for your time in reading this...
I hope I will be able to give back to the community that helped me in the past.

Jeremy Kajikawa

[Mirrored on both AmigaWorld+Amigans]
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rigoRe: Wanted: Development Hardware for a returning developer..20110517 01:20  #3212

And duely posted to the "real" Amigans site at http://www.amigans.net by "Antique"


Last edited by rigo at 20110517 01:21
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