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sickyComing back to Amiga link to images now done20110524 19:10
I have now decided I will return to Amiga community by purchasing a SAM 440 flex system from Amigakit hopefully later this week.

For me it will be a hobby machine as I think it will be powerful enough for things that I want to do (edit images in Photogenics or Art Effect, surfing web, IRC, playing Freespace etc.)

Really miss my Amiga and OS4, wanna get straight back into it :-)

I have ordered a SAM 460 full system with 2GB RAM, 1000GB HD, SATA card, DVDRW, Amiga keyboard and mouse and other goodies...... can't wait!

Last edited by sicky at 20110610 21:19
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sickyRe: Coming back to beloved Amiga20110525 19:52  #3216

Where have the replies that were on here earlier gone???
ChrisHRe: Coming back to beloved Amiga20110526 12:33  #3218
Maybe removed by moderators? (They move in mysterious ways...)
sickyRe: Coming back to beloved Amiga20110526 19:11  #3219

ChrisH wrote:
Maybe removed by moderators? (They move in mysterious ways...)

Yeah but nothing controversial was on here! Oh well, been told my system will arrive next Thursday or Friday, can't wait :-)
sickyRe: Coming back to beloved Amiga20110602 15:06  #3220

My SAM 460 system arrive at 08:30 this morning and I am so excited to be an Amigan once again

I will be posting pictures and my initial thoughts later.......... oh er, like a puppy wagging it's tail here!

sickyRe: Coming back to beloved Amiga20110610 17:59  #3221

Have photos of the big day now :-)

My box of goodiies is here yipee!


Box opened and anxious wait nearly over.


Ah, OS4 and my boing mouse, getting excited now.


There she blows, my new Amiga system after several years of no Amiga, oh boy!


Here you can see the motherboard inside the tower, quite neat compared to my old AmigaOne system I used to have.


A close up of the motherboard.


Last edited by sicky at 20110610 18:05
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