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mrodfrAmigans on classic amigas20101217 12:55

Would like to inform that amigans work fine also with Ibrowse on a classic amiga with Ibrowse.

Thanks to let classic users to have a well rendered amigans on their classic amigas.
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kas1eRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101217 13:15  #185

Its only for now, because just a temprorary site. As Mickey say, the will not bother anymore about ibrowse/awebs (and that is good, while we have to do steps to the modern stuff).
orginRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101217 13:16  #186

The Snack! forum engine is created with non css browsers in mind.

When the real site is back up things will probably change though but that's not within my control since I'm not responsible for it.
VooDooRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101217 15:46  #192

ahh that is shame..When no longer be able to browse a page with IB, I will stop to visit this place :( .. Ib is still my favorite browser on OS4! OWB os4 version is crapy :(
PhantomRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101217 16:03  #193

I use OWB daily without a slight problem, and that's a reality. I believe that we have to move on, iBrowse was our best browser for our 68k Amigas, but now it's way outdated (and it seems no newer version will ever exist). Why stuck ourselves in the past? We have a brighter future ahead of us.
ChrisHRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101217 17:01  #195
I find OWB to run fast & smooth on AmigaOS4.1 . I cannot imagine how it could be described as "crappy". Maybe "lacking non-essential but handy features" though.
kas1eRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101217 17:21  #196

Well, for my imho: if anyone want to worring about IB and aweb support (i.e be in the deep retro-past), then better will be AW.net. All the active aos4 users/developers already use OWB with no problems.
VooDooRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101217 18:32  #199

OWb I use every day .. And to my concept of it is quite slow (uA1c) takes a lot of memory, is not quite stable at certain sites and what the most important thing to me there is no download manager ... and based on that for me the Crappy: (sorry but it is ... I hope that in the future OS4 get "better" version of OWB ...
BillERe: Amigans on classic amigas20101218 09:55  #214

Likewise. IB despite its difficulty in rendering a lot of "modern" pages is stillby far the best Amiga OS4 browser. The GUIs of the others are so primitive as to be unuseable. None have a netstat manager. None have a decent Arexx interface with a large catalogue of good useable scripts.

An Amiga site should be designed with use with Amigas in mind and not use the latest PC orientated technology just for the sake of using it. Why use all this CSS nonsense when it is perfecty possible to wtrite well designed and well laid out websites without it.

Answer - laziness on the part of today's so called web designers.

I too will refuse to use sites that do not work well in IB.

Sorry, but OWN, NetSurf and TimberWolf are just not mature enough.

IB is a pleasure to use, the others are like browsers on other platforms, they may do the job but it is a real pain using them. No fun at all.

I really do not understand people like Kastle who suddenly appear on Amiga sites and want us all to turn into PC users :-(

orginRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101218 10:30  #216

If you wish to keep Ibrowse 'compability' then contact Mikey_C. He's responsible for the recovery of the old site.

kas1eRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101218 14:28  #226

Because while you will stack with all that retro stuff, platform will never normally grow up. You have problems with OWB ? Get the sources, compile and add download manager and buttons which you want. Like very much 68k ? Use a1200 or winuae.

Ibrowse are dead. aos3.x are dead. It will be never in develop. And for my imho, if you want to use 68k, dead browsers and anything very retro : then for you better to use retro sites (like amiga.org, or amigaworld.net as well).

Personally, more of it , i dislike heavy all that "retro" in last time. All those old amigas, all that stuff in which some of amigans like to be all the time, without any changes, jerky on 68k assembler, and say that only amiga make it possible.

If we will all the time support all that old-retro crap, many of us will loose interest in amigaos4 for sure. Developing of OS, its not mean be in retro always and for all the time, it mean new standards, new programms and so on. I am here just because in hope, that amigaos4 can be on the level as linux/macos someday. And for making that, we need forget all the retro. If you like retro - use retro computers and ugly-retro sites with plain html.

Dislike that OWB not works normally ? What you waiting then ? Why you not works on it ? You are developer, so why not ? Want to feed your ago by words "i will stop to use amigans.net if it will not support ibrowse" ? Pff , who care ? You really think anyone will cry that some of you can't use OWB ?

If we want to make amigaos4 more or less "fine" OS, then forget about retro. Or be retro for all the time and use retro os and retro computers.
PhantomRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101218 14:31  #227

AmigaOS 68k isn't dead for me.
kas1eRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101218 14:38  #230

When i read such answers, i start to think day by day, that amiga users just want be in tge past all the time, and maybe better to be for them in the past always. For you amigaos 68k not dead ? My answer is [facepalm image]. Because i do not know for what i need to explain that amigaos3 are not in develop, and that only aos4 in develop. Like aos3 ? Use it. Like ibrowse ? Use it.
PhantomRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101218 14:43  #232

I act like I don't see that [facepalm image] you mentioned. When I said that AmigaOS 68k isn't dead for me, I didn't mean that I don't use or like AmigaOS 4.1 ok?

Secondly, I still use AmigaOS 3.9 under my A4000 system. The reason?

Do we have a professional Word processor under AmigaOS 4.1 like Final Writer, Wordworth etc? NO

Do we have a professional office package under AmigaOS 4.1 like Digita's Office Suite? NO

Do we have professional programs like ADPro, ImageFX, MorphPlus under AmigaOS 4.1? NO

Do we have professional packages like Real3D, Sculpt4D, Imagine etc under AmigaOS 4.1? NO

You can say that you can run mostly of these software under AmigaOS 4.1, but not 100% in my opinion (always a problem will arise).

Thanks for your kind words.
orginRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101218 14:49  #233

Classic users are more than welcome to the site. The views of kas1e is his own and does not reflect the opinion of all of the staff and all of the users.

Just to repeat myself: if you want support for non CSS browsers then contact Mikey_C and express your opinion.

kas1eRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101218 14:50  #234

The problem with software, not mean stack with old software, but mean make new software for new platform.

If you want to use 68k and aos3.9, you can do it with no problems of course. For the 68k/aos3.x users special sites are present too (eab, a.org). That site as mickey explain many times, was done for the modern stuff, for the new OS and for users who want to use new os, new programms and develop new stuff.

Anyone who want 68k/aos3, can easyly use it, but not need to expect, that site, which was born for as NG, will think about users who use dead browsers.

I can understand if we have _only_ ibrowse. Then it can be understanable, to say that for what make sites, which not works on amiga browsers , but you have OWB (lack of features, but works fine with almost all the sites), you have netsurf (a bit buggy yep, but still, works with many sites as well). Sources of boch are present : everyone can contribute.

Yep, you are right, but some quotes from mickey on aw:

This will mean that old Amiga Browsers like IBrowse/Aweb (i.e non CSS) browser will no longer render correctly. However, since our focus is primarily AmigaOS4.x OWB, Netsurf and Timberwolf will work correctly on the site.

Other one:

From my personal point of view, there is no point in supporting the older browsers like AWEB or Ibrowse, they did a fine job back then, but to be honest, they are so old as to be laughable. Show those browsers to anyone outside the Amiga scene and they'd laugh you out of the building.

We may at some stage support Older browsers, but to be honest its not our focus, Amigans.net has always been primarily about OS4.x + And IBrowse/AWEB etc are not next gen.

Everything sounds logical and right for me.

In last time on amigans almost was no threads about 68k, and noone was disapointed.
PhantomRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101218 14:56  #236

Roman, I believe that sometimes you can't even read my posts.





And yes, I prefer Amigans.net to run on modern browsers. Do I said that I have any problems with OWB? I don't think so.
kas1eRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101218 15:07  #237

So, you use aos4.1, you use OWB , so even if aos3 not die for you by any reassons, you still use modern aos , and more or less modern aos-browser (as almost everyone here). Then, almost we all (except few users , Bille and Voodo, and maybe 2-3 more) have no problems if amigans.net will not have ibrowse support.

But, what more important, it will use more newer engine, i believe more feature rich, and site, will be more secure in terms of hacking just because of new engine.

Anyway, the last word are from Mickey, if some of users indeed worring so much about supporting of dead-nomoreindevelop-browser, maybe if they will annoy Mickey too much it will make sense, but i hope that users who want do steps to future little by little, understand thinks right.
PhantomRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101218 15:10  #238

In other words, I really don't care if Amigans will be ibrowse-compatible or not. That's the last thing that concerns me right now. But at least, I want the new site to be fast even under OWB, not to start crawling because of heavy CSS etc.
kas1eRe: Amigans on classic amigas20101218 15:11  #239

Of course. Not having ibrowse support not mean that site by default will be slow and crawling. Will see anyway..
samo79Re: Amigans on classic amigas20101218 20:06  #257
Honestly i don't see any reason to support the old web browsers except for certain users "blocked" on oldest AmigaOS machines or UAE, we already have OWB, if you don't like it use NetSurf or wait for Timberwolf, there are almost 2 alternative and maybe in future there will be more ...

Having said that a compatibility with IBrowse/AWeb would be nice but this doesn't stop the evolution of the portal (expecially security evolution)


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