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alfkilQt Native News20101217 18:02
Ok here is the first screenshot:


And yeah, it is the dead-ugly builtin windoze theme, but buttons work and all. ;-)

Currently I'm working hard on the OpenGL driver, which should spice up things a bit.
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afxgroupRe: Qt Native News20101217 18:58  #200

OH MY GOD......
kas1eRe: Qt Native News20101217 19:07  #201
Awesomnes !!

Btw, it is possible (later of course), to make inbuild theme "aos4-intuition look like" ? Or you mean inbuild-theme of calculator example only ?
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20101217 19:16  #202

It should be possible to make a nice reaction-like theme, although I'm not too sure about how.
chrisRe: Qt Native News20101217 19:55  #203

WOW! Have an extra glass of wine and Christmas pud, you've earnt it.
cha05e90Re: Qt Native News20101217 20:03  #204

acefnqRe: Qt Native News20101217 22:44  #209

Great work. This is very important work for our system. I wish you every success.

afxgroupRe: Qt Native News20101218 10:01  #215


here you can find a simply tutorial.. do you see how it is simply?? :)
hotrodRe: Qt Native News20101218 13:51  #223

Wow! Ehh... I didn't expect that :-) . Great work to say the least :-) .
spotUPRe: Qt Native News20101218 14:03  #225
wow!! :D supacool!

samo79Re: Qt Native News20101218 20:08  #258
Excellent news ! :-D

TSKRe: Qt Native News20101218 22:51  #266

Great news !
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20101219 17:11  #306


So... the opengl module sort of works, but I need a way to make a context be just part of a window instead of opening it's own window. Any bright ideas??
kas1eRe: Qt Native News20101219 17:28  #307

I have only one idea: you just rulz. Awesome progress
spotUPRe: Qt Native News20101219 18:55  #314
Ooh! o/
RogueRe: Qt Native News20101219 21:23  #322

You can use a bitmap to render to and just blit it into the window.
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20101220 00:14  #330

Ok, I'll try that then.
kas1eRe: Qt Native News20101220 09:03  #343

Found a nice QT-multiplatform painter, called "Pencil", here is home page. I did not try it, but from screenshots looks pretty fine.But it uses QWidget class of Qt and QMAKE.
afxgroupRe: Qt Native News20101220 10:21  #344

Let alf finish the port and we can suggest tons of new software.. ;)
By the way, we need to use a shared amigaos .library with QT otherwise you will have too many copies of QT .so file loaded in memory.
kas1eRe: Qt Native News20101220 12:50  #350

For begining even .so are good :) Sources of alf's work are on google-code, so all those tweaks about themes and native libs can be done later, etc.

Anyway, it's really cool if we will have QT. With "os4 kind theme", it will be the same as native software 1:1, the same by speed mostly, and will open gate for the normal and cool programms. I think there will be and video editors, and painters, and text editors, and thousands (if not more) other tools.

Its the same cool as if we will have GTK->MUI or GTK->REACTION someday.


You can use a bitmap to render to and just blit it into the window.

Btw, while you have a rendered data in the bitmap, that "just blit it into the window" are fast ?
ChrisHRe: Qt Native News20101220 13:47  #351
I don't use QT, but this sounds like good news :-)
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