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kas1eRe: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110114 18:39  #996

You should setup a bounty for sure, just because for such kind of work you need to get not only positive comments, but also some money as well (why not).

Related to "talk with someone about" - that is problem :) All the skilled coders are busy , and with their deep problems :) And pretty hard to found someone , who online and not going to eat/sleep/busy/job stuff all the time .. Mails it of course some kind of solution as well, but too long, and with some coders answers can be not hours, but days or weeks. Imho that forum more or less fine, while you not found someone skilled enough :)

btw. you also need to assing native-debugger bounty, because you already do half of works with db101 (so ppl can send some money as well).
EVilDRMikeRe: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110115 01:07  #1001

Please do set up a bounty. I would gladly contribute to this even though I have never owned an OS4 machine (something I hope to remedy soon). When I first saw your announcement that you were going to port QT I thought you either had no idea of the work involved or you were just plan crazy. I would also be glad to help out when I have an OS4 machine. Keep up your amazing work. This is likely the biggest thing that will happen to OS4 for sometime.

328gtsRe: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110115 16:14  #1007

I honestly didnt know what QT was until now..so please do set up that bounty !!

alfkilRe: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110115 18:08  #1018
By the way: a good way to avoid some crashes is to use CTRL-C to exit an app instead of the closewindow gadget.
alfkilRe: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110115 21:09  #1020
Resize bug fixed:

spotUPRe: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110115 22:20  #1021

alfkilRe: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110120 21:19  #1157
Gaming the Qt way:


DAXRe: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110120 21:25  #1158
wow this project has progressed a ton since the last time I checked, Big Kudos!
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110120 21:34  #1160
I still need to add some keyboard controls (cursor keys and keyrelease events), and then I will make a fresh upload. I also managed to fix most of the crashes going on (fingers crossed).
samo79Re: Qt Native News20110120 21:45  #1164

Kudos to you :-)
TSKRe: Qt Native News20110120 21:53  #1167

Keep up the good work !
joeledRe: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110120 21:57  #1171

Great work!!!!!
kas1eRe: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110121 18:46  #1227
Are you fix that minigl-lockup ? (if yes, can explain a bit how and what was the problems, just for future notice)
RIBDEVIL1Re: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110121 22:15  #1240

Very good work.

I'm waiting for the new update.
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110123 23:38  #1323

A fresh version has been uploaded to os4depot.
Jamie_SRe: Qt Native News20110124 00:29  #1325

It's really impressive how much of these GUIs is working already. Amazing work!
alfkilRe: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110124 12:26  #1333

Are you fix that minigl-lockup ? (if yes, can explain a bit how and what was the problems, just for future notice)

The problem has not been fixed. I have made a "special" version of minigl.library that replaces AllocSysObject with FreeVec, and it "works". But that is just a bad hack, really...
kas1eRe: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110124 13:52  #1334
As its the second alpha, i think its time for some real tests and feadback :) (i hope you doesnt mind). Of course you can know almost all of this, but maybe something will be new. So, for first i made a little "start.bat" script, which i run everytime when i want to test your qt stuff in the shell:

stack 20000000
assign qt: work:qt-amigaos4-user-4.7
assign sobjs: sys:sobjs
assign sobjs: qt:lib ADD
assign .config: ram:
assign cygnix: ram:
;END qt

And after that , i do my tests. I see that you add tons of handlers, and now we can press all what we want, whatewer and where we want by mouse or by keyboard, and have no crashes, that is really good. Also stability in general are much better in compare with first alpha. But i also will mention some problems (if you doesnt mind) which you imho know already, but just what i as user detect and see on the first place:

1. Resizing of windowses no more crash/lockup aos, all works, but resisizing resize only intuition window, but not actual working area of qt stuff (that for all the demos/examples except widgets ones).
2. Fonts looks dirty and not crips (but we all discuss that already, so you also know about) and where they uses, it always a bit slow. Maybe idea from the BroadBlues are good to implements, because in blender they (fonts) looks fine and works fast.
3. It is possible to get off from those .config and cygnix assings ? That will be cool.. And add stack cookie to avoid problems for users who not know or forget about stack stuff. Not very important right now of course, but will be better for users imho

Now, real tests :) :


demos/affine - very slow , also drawing of menu are very slow too (but no crashes). I think its because of that fonts stuff ? But even rotating of penguin are very-very slow, like no opengl here.

demos/embeddeddialogs - pretty impressive one, but looks like start to be slower than in first alpha (or maybe its just me). I.e. its looks not so smooth, and like its not opengl anymore. I manage to lockup it when i plays with about 5-7 dialogs, then to resize of main area, and trying to play with dialogs again. Also pretty easy way to loockup that example, its just trying to move faster some dialogs, press randomly mouse button, and choice fast any options of any dialog. But i think its general w3d/ogl problem of our aos , and maybe you have better luck with it already, because you have newer beta version of aos with fixed w3d in some areas.


examples/animation/animatedtiles - fast, fine, works in general with no problems , but have problem with exit: when i run program and just trying to close it, its not allow me to going back to the shell, and aos4 saying after few seconds:

Parent process has tried to exit before all children have
Process "shell process"
function "Wait_Until_Child_Ends(shell)"
error process "Minigl watch-dog" <pid=246>

examples/animation/appchooser - running fine, when i press on "camera", camera spawn to the centrum of working area, and then i cant press on anyting else. In the shell window i see that everything works and handles, but cant do anything with example itself (looks like i just not so understand what that example should to do:) ). Close Button works fine, exits fine.

examples/animation/easing - runs fine, but all those font/menus also draws a bit slow. Jumping QT button works fine through and fast (looks like there is that opengl-gui stuff), sometime it also loads a bit wrong (check that screenshot, empty-white area in the QT sprite. Some time it start like that, sometime are fine):

Maybe its again about that bug about loading of textures (as i know, Hans also fix something in warp3d already, in terms of "bad loading of textures" ).

examples/animation/moveblocks - works fine, fast, no problems at all.

examples/animation/stickman - all works fine. simply one, but window are big, so i expect lockup and crashes, but no, all is fine , exits fine, dances fine :)


examples/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayout - works fine. Moving a bit slow, but i think its again about opengl. The good stuff its also when i move it down, i see increased scroll-bar, and its works as should.

examples/graphicsview/collidingmice - the best one :) works fast, mouses runs, but when i trying to scroll-it by scrollbar, then example crashes, with point on stacktrace:

Symbol info:
Instruction pointer 0x7E901DE8 belongs to module "libQtGui.so" (PowerPC)
Symbol: _ZN18QRasterPaintEngine5beginEP12QPaintDevice + 0x1F8 in section 10 offset 0x0050FDE8

Stack trace:
libQtGui.so:_ZN18QRasterPaintEngine5beginEP12QPaintDevice()+0x1F8 (section 10 @ 0x50fde8)
libQtGui.so:_ZN8QPainter5beginEP12QPaintDevice()+0x10AC (section 10 @ 0x3de908)
libQtGui.so:_ZN8QPainterC1EP12QPaintDevice()+0x250 (section 10 @ 0x3df2dc)
libQtGui.so:_ZN7QPixmap6scrollEiiRK5QRectP7QRegion()+0x2FC (section 10 @ 0x257570)
libQtGui.so:_ZN13QGraphicsView16scrollContentsByEii()+0x56C (section 10 @ 0x10cb5c0)
..... tons of others before ....

The same if i trying to scroll by arrow-keys from keyboard.

But if i scroll by arrow-keys of scrollbar, then i have in the shell:

child at ( 388 , 271 ) == 0x61407b48 QScrollBar
p = QPoint(6,269)
maptoWS = QPoint(388,271)
ASSERT: "d->device->devType() == QInternal::Image || d->device->devType() == QInternal::CustomRaster" in file painting/qpaintengine_raster.cpp, line 456
***Command 'collidingmice' returned with unfreed signals 1E000000!

And again the same MinGL watch-dog window as with case in animation/animatedtiles.

examples/graphicsview/diagramscene - that one are interesting as well. A bit slow drawing (because of fonts imho again). After plaing with it about 2-3 minuts and pressing all that option, programm exits fine. Something wrong with choord inside of programm, all pressing are pretty slow , but in general it works.

examples/graphicsview/portedasteroids - works fine and fast. Almost SuperStardust :) No sound through (while sound is here) , but i think its just not implemented at all in your port for now.

examples/graphicsview/portedcanvas - pretty interesting. Still drawing of menus are slow, and when i spawn some other window from the programm, and close main one, then its not exit correctly with saying about the same "minigl watch_dog" stuff.


examples/painting/svgviewer - runs fine, plays with it, pretty interesting. Through "native" render are more or less fast, while "image" render 3-4 fps on 1ghz :) But i think its again our opengl speed. Also manage to crash it, when jumps over menu some time, and press "open", it spawn a qt-native requester (not asl one, but i think its again not implements, so not the problems), and then press chancel give me lockup.


examples/widgets/analogclock - works fine, fast, resizing also works for all the working area ! cool.

examples/widgets/calculator - works fine, not very fast through, and when it starts, i can see some strange windowses which spawns on half of seconds and then closes.

examples/widgets/calendarwidget - works fine, but i can see how all the text are draws. Feels a bit slow , but all works fine.

examples/widgets/codeeditor - works fine. Not ultra fast on typing of text, but works fine.

examples/widgets/digitalclock - all is fine (but as usuall i can detect that before actual window, some other window spawns and closes).

examples/widgets/styles - all is fine. A bit slow, but all works.

examples/widgets/wiggly - all is fine.


You did pretty big and hard job already for sure. Its really interesting to follow your progress, and i everyday refresh sourceforge/qtamigaosnative/ page :) If you need any kind of help in terms of testing/bug hunting, let me know. And thanks a lot for all that stuff.

The problem has not been fixed. I have made a "special" version of minigl.library that replaces AllocSysObject with FreeVec, and it "works". But that is just a bad hack, really...

Btw, can you upload somethere that version of minigl, i want to try examples with it as well.
cha05e90Re: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110124 15:32  #1341
@kas1e, @Troels

You should setup a bounty for sure

Can I donate at AmigaBounty already? Hurry up - before all of my money is spent (already ordered i.e. Hollywood Designer 3.0)... :-)
spotUPRe: Qt Native News [HELP WANTED]20110124 21:59  #1356
thanx for the new release!! o/
and thanx for the extensive testing kas1e!

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