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samo79Re: Qt Native News20110211 14:12  #2034

Looks very nice now, bravo :-)
kas1eRe: Qt Native News20110211 14:16  #2035
With fixed fonts all the examples now looks very cool imho ?:) How did you fix it btw, by the way which broadblues suggested ? (i.e. as it in blender done), or any other way ?
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110211 14:41  #2036

Nope. Qt has very nice antialiasing inbuilt, only to activate it I needed to fix some stuff with texture handling, which is apparently non-standard in minigl. Short version: To utilize glTexSubImage2D() in minigl you need to create a texture first with glTexImage2D(). If you notice, I still need to get multiple colours in the texture (it's only red for now), which I haven't figured out how to do yet.
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110211 15:28  #2041
...and now in full color:


kas1eRe: Qt Native News20110211 15:29  #2042

Awesome !:) Plz, do some more screenshots where font heavy uses (wood theme and calcualtor). Now calculator will looks the same as default os4 one imho (yeah!)
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110211 16:49  #2043

Here ya go ;-) :

markoRe: Qt Native News20110211 17:09  #2044

Cool, nice screenshots!
LiveForItRe: Qt Native News20110211 18:24  #2045

Thats soo nice
kas1eRe: Qt Native News20110211 18:53  #2047

Screenshots rokz ! Looks very solid now, very native :) Soon no one can udnerstand where is Qt app, where is Intuition app :)
samo79Re: Qt Native News20110211 19:13  #2048

Hopefully ...
T-JRe: Qt Native News20110211 19:31  #2049

Very nice work! How stable is it now?
TSKRe: Qt Native News20110211 19:41  #2050

Very good work ! I think this is one of the most important developments on our platform besides the AmigaOS itself.
Jamie_SRe: Qt Native News20110211 20:12  #2053

Awesome progress dude!
DAXRe: Qt Native News20110212 10:33  #2060

A year ago just inquiring about the possibility of having QT on Amiga was like asking fro chilled water in the desert, and now this!
Keep them coming! (updates and screenshots I mean ^__^)
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110212 13:31  #2066

Thanks for the positive responses, it really helps motivating me to work :-).

Question: Is there any way in intuition to define a custom drag area in a window? For instance, for dock widgets I want to have a borderless window and instead have a "drag gadget" on the left side. Is this possible??
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110212 15:54  #2070

Question: Is there any way in intuition to define a custom drag area in a window? For instance, for dock widgets I want to have a borderless window and instead have a "drag gadget" on the left side. Is this possible??

Answered my own question, it turned out to be very easy: Just declare a gadget with GTYP_WDRAGGING. :-)

Also 8-bit images somehow started working by themselves:

kas1eRe: Qt Native News20110212 16:37  #2072
Soon new public release then ?:)
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110212 16:44  #2073

I want to fix a few stability issues before making another release. It will break the user experience and ruin the softwares reputation if I keep sending out "broken" software.
MaximvsPayneRe: Qt Native News20110212 19:13  #2079

thank you for your work on Qt-Amiga!!

cheers dude
ChrisHRe: Qt Native News20110213 10:40  #2091
With the release of PortablE (preview), I guess I can now safely say this:

PortablE's own GUI abstraction is (theoretically) able to use different GUI systems (without any change in user code). QT on AmigaOS4 could be very handy, because it *should* allow me to make it use QT, and so have one less thing to deal with when trying to port more of PortablE to Windows/Linux/whatever. (Don't hold your breath though! Also I may try getting it to use Reaction first.)
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