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samo79Re: Qt Native News20110213 10:49  #2092

For the future release is it possible to use the AmigaOS UI style ?

I mean about menu and so on, according to the grab it seems that we have the same Timberwolf behaviour, too mutch "Windows" style ...
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110213 15:24  #2106

It should be possible to make a "Reaction style" or even a "mui style". On MacOS Qt uses native buttons and menus with the Cocoa style, and something similar could be done on AmigaOS. I haven't looked very much in the style code, so I can't say for sure how it could be done or when. Also it would probably loose some features (like dock widgets) if using reaction or mui.
samo79Re: Qt Native News20110213 15:42  #2108

Well at the moment maybe it's not so important but please if possible look at it as soon as possible, now that only demos are availible there are no problem at all but when we start to port real big or small applications this can be a big problem :-/
TroelsRe: Qt Native News20110213 16:10  #2110
If a Reaction/mui style get's introduced in the future, would already ported apps benefit from it or would they still use the default Qt look.
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110213 20:22  #2114

Probably yes :-).
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110301 16:29  #2540
A fresh new release of Qt is in the works, here are some screenshots to get you going in the meantime:


Dock widgets:


Also stability is much improved now.
samo79Re: Qt Native News20110301 16:44  #2542

That's impressive for sure, my unique question is about menu, in the future updates would be perfect if we can have an Amiga style menu !

Congrats !!
kickoRe: Qt Native News20110301 18:35  #2543
Looks good :) and nice to hear about stability
spotUPRe: Qt Native News20110301 23:42  #2550

what kicko said!
DAXRe: Qt Native News20110302 19:18  #2583
What spot up quoted! (couldn't resist :-))

Another milestone, heck I wish I had coding abilities like yours (and others Amigans.net members) :-)
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110302 20:26  #2584
Thanks gyus :-)

A new fresh release is up on os4detop:


Be amused ;-)
RicossaRe: Qt Native News20110303 07:13  #2591

No demo is working. I followed the installation directions, but the demos keep asking for different .so they can't find and that are not there. like :




A dir sobjs: >ram:Sobjs.txt

gives the following result :

liballegro.debug.so liballegro.so libao.so
libbz2.so libbz2.so.1.0 <sl> libbz2.so.1.0.4
libc.so libc.so.bak libcairo.so
libcss.so.0 libcurl-7.16.so libcurl.so
libdl.so libexpat.so libFLAC++.so
libFLAC.so libfontconfig.so libfreetype.so
libgcc.so libgcc.so.bak libgcov.so
libhpdf-2.2.0.so.0.0 libhubbub.so.0 libiconv.so
libicudata-3.4.so libicuuc-3.4.so libjpeg.so
libjpeg.so.8 liblcms.so libmng.so.1
libmp3lame.so libnsbmp.so.0 libnsgif.so.0
libogg.so libparserutils.so.0 libpixman-1.so
libpng.so libpng12.so libpthread.so
libpython25.so libSDL-1.2.so libSDL_gfx.so
libSDL_mixer-1.2.so libSDL_ttf.so libsmpeg-0.4.so
libsqlite3.so libssl-0.9.8.so libssp.so
libstdc++.so libsvgtiny.so.0 libvorbis.so
libvorbisenc.so libvorbisfile.so libvpx.so.0 <sl>
libvpx.so.0.9.2 libwapcaplet.so.0 libxml2-2.6.so
libxml2.so libxslt-1.1.so libxslt.so
libz.so <sl> libz.so.1 <sl> libz.so.1.2 <sl>
libz.so.1.2.3 libz.so.1.2.5

As you can see, the qt so's are not there, although the assign IS working!
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110303 12:56  #2595

Try this:


Also, which version of the os are you using?

If everything else fails, you can try and copy everything from qt:lib to sys:sobjs.
kas1eRe: Qt Native News20110303 13:32  #2596

Starting to do tests, and with your opengl libs, every demo , every example, give 1-2 fps maximum. While with the current (mgl 2.5), all is faster i think on 300%.

For example, demos/affine on your libs render the scene for a 60-70 seconds (just after first running, the first scene). While on mgl2.5, its about 5 seconds. Or for example examples/animation/animatedtiles with 2.5 are fast and smooth, about 50 fps, and with your minigl libs - 1-2 fps.

So will do next tests with mgl 2.5.

(that all on peg2 btw).
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110303 14:01  #2602

Huh?? That is soo strange... The only difference in my version of minigl is, that I have replaced FreeSysObj with FreeVec in one place. This makes absolutely no sense at all!
orginRe: Qt Native News20110303 14:01  #2603

Code for adding links:

joeledRe: Qt Native News20110303 14:09  #2604

Ha ha ha ;)
orginRe: Qt Native News20110303 14:19  #2607

RicossaRe: Qt Native News20110303 15:22  #2609

Thanks, now it first asks to assign or mount .config:
Then, giving an assign to the progdir, I get a window with this text inside :

GraphicsSystemFactory::create: "opengl"
initDefaultPaths: userPath = "/.config/"
GraphicsSystemFactory::create: "opengl"

and the processor jumping at 100%

With A1XE, AOS4.1 upd. 2
kas1eRe: Qt Native News20110303 15:36  #2610

Did you try with minigl2.5, or with minigl from qt-archive ? And did you have fontconfig caches in system:fonts or not ?
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