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chrisRe: Qt Native News20110309 21:58  #2796

Does qmake work? I used a Linux specs file, but it whinges about the version of Qt (or, rather, the project I'm trying to compile wants at least v4.6, and even though yours is 4.7 it complains). Do you know where it picks the version number up from?
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110309 22:51  #2798

Qmake works, that's what I'm using to build all the libraries with. You need the includes and the mkspecs directory though, which are not included in the user archive. If you want a build environment, either you need to get the sources and build your own or wait until I get around to building an SDK for Qt.
chrisRe: Qt Native News20110309 23:09  #2799

Yeah, I got those. I'll give it another try when I have more time, just curious to see if I can get a real application running :)
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110310 19:09  #2811

Also you need .qmake.conf in the qt: directory.

Btw, are you using a cross compiler?
chrisRe: Qt Native News20110310 20:36  #2812

I got past that (without that file curiously), it needed a qconfig.pri in mkspecs. I hacked one together which probably has completely the wrong values in it, and it seemed happy.

Actually making the project though complains about missing qconfig.h. I copied qconfig-dist.h and added #define QT_ARCH_POWERPC 1, but it says I need to run configure. Not looking forward to that.

I'm not cross-compiling.
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110310 21:58  #2813

The reason it complains about qconfig.h is, that it should be in qt:src/corelib/global. In fact, you need the entire src archive, because the files in qt:include are just references to the header files in qt:src.
chrisRe: Qt Native News20110310 22:30  #2814

Yes, I've copied those in already, but that file wasn't present as-is.

It must create it as part of the build process.
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110311 02:49  #2815

Are you using this archive??...
chrisRe: Qt Native News20110311 09:15  #2817

I will be now :)
spotUPRe: Qt Native News20110313 22:53  #2852

so what is being done now? what's left to do? what are the biggest obstacles to get over before you consider it 'done'?
it would be fun to read some of your thoughts about the project. =)
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110314 13:18  #2860

For starters, I need to fix the stuff mentioned in the "MISSING STUFF" section of the readme. Things like clipboard support, drag and drop and mouse cursors are pretty basic.

Then when I'm done with that I'm going to try and build the Designer (graphic designing of widgets), the Linguist (locale editor) and Assistant (qt documentation viewer).

And then of course there is the WebKit module ;-).

At some later point I'm probably also going to try implenting native menus and file requesters, although this is not my first priority right now.
spotUPRe: Qt Native News20110314 20:45  #2866

thanx for the report! =)
have you managed to port any apps?
chrisRe: Qt Native News20110314 22:14  #2873

I've tried two simple ones with no extra dependencies, but they both fail to compile as they require QProcess. Once we get that, I'll try again.
spotUPRe: Qt Native News20110315 00:52  #2879

aha. what does qprocess do?
chrisRe: Qt Native News20110315 12:41  #2892

Apparently it launches external programs.


Is QDesktopServices implemented?
joeledRe: Qt Native News20110316 17:28  #2917
I hope we can get VLC media player. Would be really nice and another big step forward.

chrisRe: Qt Native News20110702 19:53  #3228

Are there any plans for QtScript to be implemented? I was having a go at porting something and found it needed it. It also appears to need QtTest but I doubt that is important.

(the below was rescued from the XOOPS site, which must have gone down shortly after I posted it - no it wasn't my fault!)

How does Qt determine which language the user is using? I have some code which utilises translation, and calls QLocale::system().name() to find out the language. No amount of playing around with Locale Prefs changes output from "C" (which I believe is the bizarre Linux default), when instead it should be using Locale Prefs and returning an ISO-style name. I have a list I compiled of the AmigaOS names translation here which might be useful.

Also, I wanted to make you aware of iconv.library. This is libiconv as a shared library rather than a shared object, and comes with a stub shared object so other shared objects can still call it. Because it's a library it will only exist in memory once, which will save ~1MB per application. Given that your Qt shared objects are 30MB or so, it probably doesn't make much difference, but I prefer libraries over sobjs. (see also Hans-Joerg's blog entry)

Whilst we're on the subject of SObjs, your libssl and libcrypto:
(a) are named differently to what your code is linked against (libssl.so vs libssl-1.0.0.so)
(b) have a datestamp somewhere in the future
(c) are a different size to mine, which are MickJT's latest ports on OS4Depot (and due to (b) I have no idea if they are newer or older)

Last edited by chris at 20110703 17:55
krippaRe: Qt Native News20110913 19:38  #3258

Thats the OLNY one thats is need for all players around, why use something else? Really? VLC has it all!!!
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