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samo79Re: Qt Native News20101222 20:06  #425
A lot of great things in the work ... what a nice days :-)

alfkilRe: Qt Native News20101224 16:53  #456
Freetype/fontconfig support added. Now the calculator looks a bit better:


Merry Christmas to all! :-)
afxgroupRe: Qt Native News20101225 00:14  #465

Merry Christmas to you!! and please reply to my mail!! :)
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20101227 18:01  #507
Qt can now read and display jpg and png images:

spotUPRe: Qt Native News20101227 18:28  #508

sweeeet! what's left to do before release?
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20101227 19:11  #511

Well... "only" styles, text cursor, drag'n'drop, bugfixes etc etc... ;-)
spotUPRe: Qt Native News20101227 19:15  #513


so here's the impossible question, how long do you estimate it will take?
not trying to push you at all, just curious! this is the most interesting project atm.. =)

alfkilRe: Qt Native News20101227 19:51  #516

A few months I would say. If I work my ass off from now and until my school starts again, I bet I can get everything in a nice workable state, not necessarily with everything implemented (like WebKit support, bla...), but in a state, where simple applications can be built and used.
spotUPRe: Qt Native News20101227 20:11  #517

cool! i hope you'll release a beta for us to play with =)
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20101227 20:34  #518
I was just browsing the thread (in lack of better things to do while libQtOpenGL compiles again...) and found a few bits:


Sorry, a qt.library is not going to be possible because of c++

Wouldn't it be possible to implement a C++ wrapper around a shared library?

To be honest, I don't know. Is it something, you have experience with??... My guess is, though, that it is not possible because c++ also _imports_ data and code, which is going to mess up things. But what do I know ;-).

A stupid question maybe, but on the editor window you have a p96PIP_OpenTags, are you using an overlay window as an application window?

It's not stupid at all, although I can hardly answer, because I don't know what an "overlay window" is... At the moment the screenshot was taken, I was using p96 to open windows, because I thought it was the only way to get truecolor support. At this moment, I'm just using IIntuition->OpenWindowTags.
masonRe: Qt Native News20101227 22:11  #521

Thanks for keeping us informed! If you need an icon for Qt - it is allready done and waiting to be released ;)
spotUPRe: Qt Native News20101227 22:44  #522

i'm guessing he needs an os4 skin as well. ;)
he linked to a skin tutorial earlier in this thread.
nbacheRe: Qt Native News20101228 01:08  #524
Wouldn't it be possible to implement a C++ wrapper around a shared library?

To be honest, I don't know. Is it something, you have experience with?

No, I can't really claim that. In fact, I have only little and mostly theoretical experience with Amiga programming at all. But I remember at my previous job, some colleagues some years ago created a C++ wrapper around an older C abstraction layer over OCI (Oracle's API for database programming), which is what made me think about it. I didn't get my hands into all the dirty details, though, but the result was very usable and performed quite well.

Best regards,


jahcRe: Qt Native News20101228 04:02  #525

Thanks for your work on this.

You got trees and listviews working? Also colours and graphics?
spotUPRe: Qt Native News20101228 04:56  #526

thinking of rewriting an app or two? =)
jahcRe: Qt Native News20101228 06:57  #528

jahcRe: Qt Native News20101228 07:44  #529

Plans don't always work out, but it would be pretty cool.

Alfkill, what modules are you porting? Il try and stick to using those ones. The socket library would be cool too though. Ill probably start things off using visual studio and stay away from platform specific stuff.
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20101228 12:53  #535



+ the opengl graphics system and sqlite driver

Colors and graphics work nicely ;-).
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20101228 13:39  #538
Eeew....! It's the "Windoze-boogerman-on-my-nice-amiga-screen"-theme:


(or just the opengl graphics system in the works ;-) )
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20101228 13:40  #540
Aahhhh....! Saved by the "Norwegian Wood"-theme:

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