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spotUPRe: Qt Native News20101230 21:00  #607

i tried to google for qt themes yesterday, i couldn't find a single one.
was the wood theme included in the source archive or what?
or how/where do i find qt themes?
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20101230 21:11  #609

Qt themes are called "styles", and there is a site set up for it here:


...although it only contains one style :-/. Qt comes with some styles already implemented, although a lot of them needs an underlying architecture to be present (like the Cocoa style, GTK style etc.). The "Norwegian Wood" style comes with one of the code examples.
spotUPRe: Qt Native News20101231 15:45  #624

aha, thanx for the info!
spotUPRe: Qt Native News20110101 17:37  #656

LiveForItRe: Qt Native News20110101 19:46  #666

Excellent work, is there any bounty we can donate too?
RogueRe: Qt Native News20110103 13:42  #694

It's not stupid at all, although I can hardly answer, because I don't know what an "overlay window" is... At the moment the screenshot was taken, I was using p96 to open windows, because I thought it was the only way to get truecolor support. At this moment, I'm just using IIntuition->OpenWindowTags.

Ah... no, you can use normal Intuition and Graphics calls to paint in true color. See graphics.library/SetRPAttrsA :)
broadbluesRe: Qt Native News20110103 16:10  #695

Freetype/fontconfig stuff is not complete yet. The rendering mechanism is hardcoded to large polygon rendering, which looks corky when used with small types.

This may or may not be of help to you, but my blender port make use of system fonts if you download the source the code is
in the /intern/bmfont/intern/BMF_BitmapFont.cpp file and also some related stuff in the intern/ghost/ directories. Obviously you won't be able to lift the code as is but it might give you ideas on how to use system fonts with GL and get much much better quality, than you will with freetype stuff.

You can compare the two with blender by looking at the font quality in the default mode then, switching to international mode, glyphs are mishapen etc....

If it's of use feel free to email me with questions, if you feel it won;t be then fine.
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110109 14:41  #837
Just a few belated Happy Newyear screenshots:


The animation system at works. Most impressive when you can actually see it moving ;-).
kas1eRe: Qt Native News20110109 14:51  #838

Maybe you can release binarys of those 2 screenshots ?:) I thinking about get SVN and build myself all the stuff to check, but it has no readme how to build all of this for now on aos4 ..

But its all pretty nice. Did you solve minigl-hangup problem ?
samo79Re: Qt Native News20110109 14:55  #839

Well make a video ;-)

Congrats !
joeledRe: Qt Native News20110109 16:11  #840

Yes we need to see a video :) Great work!
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110109 16:13  #841

Did you solve minigl-hangup problem ?

Not really. I managed to comment out the lines in minigl
that cause the hang, but then it just hangs on exit instead.
Also I have another problem with nested GL widgets: When
blitting the context into the window, the order is wrong so
the GLWidget gets overwritten by the subsequent copy of the
rest of the window.... :-(
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110109 17:01  #846

I thinking about get SVN and build myself all the stuff to check, but it has no readme how to build all of this for now on aos4 ..

I have added a readme for building on amigaos4 and a makefile for qmake to get you going ;-)

Also, I will be making a preview release very soon.
spotUPRe: Qt Native News20110110 07:21  #867

nice work boy! looking forward to some demos!
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110111 16:43  #892

Demos uploaded to os4depot. USE AT OWN RISK! ;-)
kas1eRe: Qt Native News20110111 17:07  #893
Yeah !!

But, all the examples say "unable to open libintl.so". I go on os4depot for "intl", and nothing. If i remember right there wasnt any public relase of all those gettext/libintl stuff (i have only libintl.a , recieved from Huno). Can you upload that sobj somethere ?

Also in readme you say about AmiCygnix (while its native now), i think its just because of copy+paste from older archive

Btw, i tryed to dl SVN, but at some stage (almost at end), svn say, that some file are not present, and cant be copied. Can you check it as well if have some time ?
alfkilRe: Qt Native News20110111 18:38  #896

Strange about libintl... I have a copy right here:


...but I have absolutely no idea where I got it from...

About your SVN problem, have you tried just repeating svn checkout etc...?
EDIT: If anything else fails, you should be able to go to the sourceforge page and download a "gnu tarball".
kas1eRe: Qt Native News20110111 19:31  #900

Aha thanks, now it almost runs, but after loading ask for assings for ".config:" first, and after for "amycygnix:" . On which i need to point first assing , and did i need install amycygnix anyway ?
chrisRe: Qt Native News20110111 19:35  #901

Downloading now....

Would like to see an SDK archive though, any tips on how to create my own dev environment?
mr2Re: Qt Native News20110111 20:06  #903

Found libintl.so in my Blender directory but now it failed to load libssl.so.1.0.0...
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