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orginRegistration issues20101209 13:56
The initial captcha image problem has been fixed.

You can log into the site without validating your account, but you can't do much before you do.

To validate your account you need to follow the instructions sent to you by email. If you don't receive any such email you can get validated manually by an administrator. Which might or might not happen automatically. If you don't get validated automatically then try contacting us on #amigans at irc.amigaworld.net.

To see if your account is validated, check your profile under "View profile".
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PhantomRe: Registration issues20101210 23:28  #10

Any information about our old registration? Or this new registration will be kept in the future too?
orginRe: Registration issues20101211 09:34  #14

As it looks you'll keep your old login once the old site is up again.
PhantomRe: Registration issues20101211 11:00  #19

Nice to hear that. Wish a fast recovery and good luck to you. :-)
afxgroupRe: Registration issues20101211 11:26  #21

i did'n receive any mail. is this normal now?
RicossaRe: Registration issues20101211 11:28  #22
I didn't recieve either, but my account seems to work :-)

capRe: Registration issues20101211 20:53  #28
I kept looking for an email to reply to but never received to which i was pleasantly surprised to find i could log in.

orginRe: Registration issues20101211 22:37  #29

You can log in even while not validated, you just can do much until your user is validated. (Which it is, done manually by an admin)
Dirk-BRe: Registration issues20101213 17:54  #57

Ok i am in.

I had double trouble.

An "-" in my username and password.
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