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amigo1Sam440 flex PCI20101220 17:09

I need a little help. I have come to possession of a D-Link DWL-520+ wireless LAN card.

I'm not sure I can plug it safely in my Sam.
The card has 2 notches on the contacts side. As explained in the Sam440 manual it should be compatible with 3.3v PCI slots BUT just before plugging the card, I noticed a very very small imprint on the card's sticker saying 5V.

I read the DWL-520+ manual through and through but it doesn't contain anything related.

any help appreciated.

thanks advance
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PhantomRe: Sam440 flex PCI20101220 17:31  #366

If it has 2 notches on the contacts side then it's both 3.3V and 5V, but as I can see DWL-520+ model is 5V only, while DWL-G520 model is both 3.3V and 5V.
voxRe: Sam440 flex PCI20101221 13:21  #398

If you can`t find the voltage in card`s specs,
compare connector of PCI card to one in your SAM manual
and see is it good to go, or not.
amigo1Re: Sam440 flex PCI20101221 18:51  #407

yes, I did this as you can read on my first post.
The Sam manuals says cards with 2 notches are both 3.3V and 5V compatible.
The card I'm speaking about has 2 notches, but on a little print on the sticker I can read 5V, so I'm not sure if I can plug it in.

On the manual there is no entry about. I googled a pdf and it says 3.3V but what's the 5V imprint on the card itself?!

edit: thanx for replying :-)
PhantomRe: Sam440 flex PCI20101221 19:19  #409

Probably a refurbished model? That's why the sticker...
amigo1Re: Sam440 flex PCI20101221 20:01  #410

nope, it's the original white/blue sticker you can see on all the images of said card when you google for.
(on the left corner near the bottom)

link to image

link to pdf

Well, I have sent an email to the d-link support team, let's see if I get a reply.

I'll update this thread.

thanks for your help. :-)

edit: as you can see, on the PDF file the picture of the card has the same "5Volt" imprint but the
Technical Specifications section you can read
Operating Voltage
3.3V / 10%

isn't that strange?

edit 2: hahaha Am I being too over-cautious!?
afxgroupRe: Sam440 flex PCI20101222 10:58  #413
if it has the two holes it can work on both 3.3 and 5 volts
amigo1Re: Sam440 flex PCI20101222 21:03  #427

Ok, good to know for sure. Thanks a lot and Happy Christmas!! :-)
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