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slayertemporary residence20101210 08:42
I like it, great job you admin types! :-)
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orginRe: temporary residence20101210 09:10  #5

Moved to the correct forum :) OS4 feedback if for AmigaOS 4 bugreports and such to hyperion.
slayerRe: temporary residence20101210 09:41  #6


thanks for the traffic management ;-)
cha05e90Re: temporary residence20101210 13:22  #7

Yep - heroes they are... ;-)
PaulRe: temporary residence20101210 18:43  #8

Nice work everyone involved! Looking forward to having the whole thing back again.

emeckRe: temporary residence20101211 02:23  #11

Thanks Orgin and all involved in bringing back Amigans.net

I was strange last days starting the day and not having it with us.

Edit: BTW, temporary residence means server, CMS or both?
orginRe: temporary residence20101211 09:35  #16

328gtsRe: temporary residence20101211 16:09  #26

Ah ok now the Amiga universe seems aligned again! Thanks for getting the site up again guys :-)
PhantomRe: temporary residence20101212 00:23  #31

One question. If we create a thread here will be merged also with the other old stuff when the site will be ready?

slayerRe: temporary residence20101212 03:34  #32

I think I could hazard a guess and say that would be impractical and at the very least not automated so labour intensive and as the timeframe extents the workload to do so would increase.

I think Orgin will transplant the news but not our conversations unless exceptionally valuable and then that would be a straight cut and paste and not something we could edit individually later nor would it add to our post count,

But after all that is said and done what tools does Orgin have lurking in the wood work that would make all this possible, I do not know.

Orgin of course will be along soon to tell you exactly I'm just butting in for something to say :-)
orginRe: temporary residence20101212 11:04  #34

Nope sorry.
kas1eRe: temporary residence20101212 11:09  #35

Btw, how long you think back-on-the-track will happens ? Of course "when its done", but just your imho, days or weeks ?
pjsRe: temporary residence20101212 15:27  #38
To all of you for getting the site (in any form) back up and running,


The site and your efforts are very much appreciated.

PhantomRe: temporary residence20101219 10:16  #295

Is it possible to omit that "View comment" everytime we post a comment in a thread? It's better to return to thread automatically. :-)
orginRe: temporary residence20101219 10:23  #296

We'll see. I'm slowly adding features to the base Snack! engine to make it behave more like the old site. We'll see how much I'll get to do before the old site is back up again.
PhantomRe: temporary residence20101219 10:24  #297

Yes, sure. I didn't mean to do that now, just to put it in your to-do list. Thanks. :-)
TroelsRe: temporary residence20101219 11:16  #298
Took some time to get used to the different look but I am beginning to like this forum software, serves it's purpose well IMO.

emeckRe: temporary residence20101219 22:51  #328

Nice embossed Amigans.net logo with the 2010 theme.
nbacheRe: temporary residence20101220 01:23  #337

On the subject of the to do-list, how about adding the date/time of the last post to the thread list of recent threads? It would make it easier to keep tabs on what you have read already.

Best regards,

orginRe: temporary residence20101220 07:36  #342

I've added the post count to the links which should make your browser keep track of which links you have clicked by marking them slightly orange.
nbacheRe: temporary residence20101220 23:26  #376

Hmm ... yes, thanks ... but unfortunately OWB has some problems remembering visited links across sessions. That's the reason I've come to rely on those dates/times instead.

Best regards,

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