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spotUPLet's make TuneNet plugins!20101227 18:31
This thread has moved!

I have been working on this thread for some years now on AW.
It haven't attracted much developers lately though, so.. here's a desperate try to attract some devs.. by moving it to Amigans.net where more developers tend to hang out.

TuneNet is one great piece of software, and it supports quite a lot of formats already, but there are still a lot of cool formats out there, that ain't supported.

I've got resouces and sources for a couple of cool formats, but I lack the skills to make plugins out of them.
I'll use this thread to try to encourage someone to make TuneNet plugins for these formats, based on my research.

*** When clicking the download tunes links, replace http:// with ftp:// Amigaworld doesn't seem to like ftp links.

NEW! There's Web-Interface for ModLand now, finding music in exotic formats has never been easier!

Example plugins for TuneNet to use as a reference

ModPlugPlugin TFMX Plugin
PSF Plugin
RealAudio Plugin
Interplay ACM Plugin
S98 Plugin
SC68 Plugin
GSF Plugin

Example music for a lot of formats, if you are going to make a plugin

VGM Stream music archive
Another Wonderswan music archive
Amiga, Playstation, X68000, S98, Hoot Archive mirror, Neo Geo CD, FM Towns, TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine, MSX/Master System/Game Gear, Genesis/Mega Drive, Saturn, Dreamcast, NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, WonderSwan Music Archive

And lastly, here's a Torrent Tracker with lots of video game music streams (GC/Wii/Xbox/Etc).

Formats/Replayers that could be made into TuneNet plugins

UADE 2 - The UNIX Amiga Delitracker emulator emulates the soundchips of the amiga and it uses the original 68k replayers directly and produces a very accurate sound. It supports all formats that deliplayer supports, a LOT of formats in other words. There is an old version of UADE ported to os4 available on os4depot, basing your plugin on this one is not recommended.
Also, currently UADE is being rewritten into a link library, so waiting for that might be a good idea.

From UADE's facebook page:
"I'm working towards creating a new version of uade that is more easily embedded into other applications. That is, I'm making a library with a relatively simple interface."


Formats supported by UADE:

UADE plays at least following music formats:

A.M. Composer 1.2
Amos Music Bank
Art and Magic
Art of Noise
Beathoven Synthesizer
Benn Daglish
Bladepacker / Unique Development
Channel Player 1, 2, 3
Chip Tracker (KRIS Tracker)
Custom Made / Ron Klaren
Darius Zendeh
Dave Lowe (old and new)
David Whittaker
Delitracker custom songs
Delta Music 1.0 and 2.0
Delta Packer 1.0 / Tronic
Digibooster 1.x
Digital Illusions
Digital Mugician
Dynamic Synthesizer
EMS v6
Eureka Packer
FC-M Packer
FollinPlayer II
ForgottenWorldPlayer (FWMP)
Future Composer 1.3 / 1.4
FutureComposer (BSI)
Fuzzac Packer
Game Music Creator
HeatSeeker mc1.0
Hippel 7V
Hornet Packer
Howie Davies (HD)
IceTracker/soundtracker 2.6
Images Music System
Infogrames / Rob Hubbard 2
InStereo 1, 2.0 (IS, IS20)
Janko Mrsic-Flogel
Jason Brooke
Jason Page
Jason Page Old / Steve Turner
Kefrens Sound Machine
Kris Hatlelid (KH)
LeglessMusicEditor (LME)
MajorTom2 (Holynoise/MajorTom)
Magnetic Fields (MFP)
Mark Cooksey (MC)
Mark Cooksey OLD (MCO)
Mark II
Martin Walker
MED Packer (MMDC)
MikeDavies /Tiertex Player (MD)
ModuleProtector 1.0
NoisePacker 1, 2, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
NoiseTracker Pak
Novotrade Packer (NTP)
Old SoundTracker
Paul Robotham (dat+ssd)
Paul Shields
Paul Summers
Peter Verswyvelen
Pha (Pro/Hanni) Packer
Pierre Adane Packer (PAP)
Power Music
PowerTracker (Laxity-Player)
Pro-Packer 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0
Promizer 0.1, 1.x, 2.0, 4.0
ProRunner 1.0, 2.0, 2.1
Pygmy Packer
QuadraComposer (EMOD)
Richard Joseph (sng+ins, rjp)
Riff Raff (RIFF)
Rob Hubbard (RH)
Rob Hubbard Old (RHO)
Rob Hubbard 2 (Infogrames)
SCUMM Player
Sean Connolly
Sean Conran
Sidmon 1.0
Sidmon 2.0
Silmarils (MOK)
SKYT Packer
SonicArranger (packed)
SOPROL (Sound Prog. Lang) (SPL)
SoundControl (SC)
Soundfactory (PSF)
SoundFX 1.3, 2.0
SoundImages (DP)=JasonPageNew
SoundImages (EP)=TinyWilliams
SoundMaster 1/2 (sm, sm1, sm2)
SoundMon 1.0, 2.0, 2.2
SoundTracker 15, 31
SoundTracker Pro 3.0
SpecialFX (JD)
SpeedyA1System (SAS)
SpeedySystem (SS)
StarTrekker 4
StarTrekker Packer
Steve Barrett
Suntronic custom
Synth Dream (SDR)
Synth Pack (OSP)
Synthesis (Synth, SYN)
TFMX 1.x, 7V, Pro
The Player 4.0a, 4.0b, 4.1a, 5.0a, 6.0a, 6.1a
The Holy Noise
Thomas Hermann (THM)
Tim Follin (tf)
Tomi Pakarinen (TomyTracker)
TrackerPacker 1, 2, 3
Ultimate SoundTracker
Unic-Tracker 2 / Laxitytracker
Wally Beben
Xann Packer
Zen Packer

libSAASound Plays Sam Coupe music. Download library here. Download (.sng format) songs! Download more music (.cop format)

UPDATE Deltafire made a cross platform commandline player for Sam Coupe music! Download the AOS4 version here!

This is how it sounds:

Example MP3 of how this soundchip sounds (Monkey Island theme).

An image of the beauty:

sidplay-residfp the best most accurate SID emulator.

The current TuneNet SID plugin is based on the old and crappy PlaySID.
This one delivers way better sound.

UPDATE: I ported the player+libs to AmigaOS4. Get them here!

Find the sidplay-residfp homepage here!

STIL is a SID database that contains extra info for the SID tunes, comments etc. Some SID plugins use this to display extra info. This used to be a separate project, but it is now included in HVSC (High Voltage SID Collection). HVSC also includes songlength data etc. This is the only way to determine the lenght of a song i think. So a good idea is to download HVSC and make use of it in the plugin. It looks quite easy to implement. I don't know about displaying extra info through a plugin in tunenet (bean!?) but the songlenghts would be handy, so we don't have to listen to the same tune over and over again.. =)

KLYSTrack a new multiplatform AHX inspired chip tracker, similiar to Hively Tracker but with more features!
Link to replayer: http://code.google.com/p/klystron/wiki/MakingNoise
Homepage: http://code.google.com/p/klystrack/

UPDATE: The tracker is ported to AmigaOS4:

UPDATE: Commandline player ported to AmigaOS4:

This is how it sounds:

MDXamp/inMDX supports two formats that we don't have support for; MDC and MYM.
Source Homepage
MDC is a musicformat from the Sharp X68000.
MYM is actually YM music converted to be played on the MSX, quite odd.
But there was an open source player, so what the heck.
Download MYM music!

This is how it sounds:

lazyUSF a player for USF/MiniUSF, Nintendo64 music.
homepage: http://joshw.info/?p=24
source: svn checkout svn://joshw.info/lazyusf

This is how it sounds:

An image of the beauty:

NGPMPlay Finally! After years of searching, a Neo Geo Pocket (.ngpm) music player! I have tried to build it, and got a binary, but it crashes.. :/
Example music is included in the source archive.
I wouldn't base a neo geo pocket plugin on these sources just yet as i suspect it won't take off and the vgm guys have a logged neo geo pocket format done. I am getting the sources of VGMPlay that is the 'official' VGM player so if you want to make a neo geo pocket plugin, base it on VGMPlay instead.

This is how it sounds:

ZXTune Plays a lot of spectrum formats!

ASC (ASC Sound Master modules)
PSG (Stream format)
PT2 (ProTracker v2 modules)
PT3 (ProTracker v3 modules)
STC (SoundTracker compiled modules)
STP (SoundTrackerPro modules)
TXT (VortexTracker modules)
TurboSound (Container and PT3.7-based)
CHI (ChipTracker modules)
PDT (ProDigiTracker modules)
Raw scaner

VGM is a container for logged YM based videogame music, lately they have started to log more YM and SEGA-PCM based consoles/machines by adding logging functions to emulators.
Currently all roms that use YM/Sega PCM for audio supported by MAME, MESS, openMSX and NeoPop can be ripped and played using VGMPlay.
Download some music here!

The current VGM plugin we have (based on libGME) only supports the standard/old VGM formats.

Here is a link to a thread that has links to the current VGMPlay sources:

This is how it sounds:

Some problems i had when i tried to compile it:

VGMPlay.cpp needs to be changed. "rf5c164.h" should actually be "scd_pcm.h".

RetStr = strrchr(FileName, DIR_CHR); should be changed into RetStr = strrchr((char*)FileName, DIR_CHR);

I tried to compile it under Ubuntu, more changes are required to make it run nicely under AmigaOS4.

BMS / BME / EMS / PMS a mysterious japanese player for these formats, i think the music was used in some adult games.
replayer source:
UPDATE: Found a bunch of BMS tunes!

The google jap to eng translation gave me this description:
BMS / BME-compatible software is for one game, EMS is for Angelic Pianizm, PMS description file immediately for Yu Rin Po?I found wife.
????????PMS????????? Doremimania can not play for PMS.
Where to get music? Beats me!

Roland MT-32 An emulator of the named chip. Download Sources.
Find a webradio with music in this format here.

MUNT A multi-platform software synthesiser emulating pre-GM MIDI devices such as the MT-32 and CM-32L.

M1 This is an arcade and pinball sound emulator.

Thanks to R. Belmont, you can now play music directly from arcade ROMS with a little program called M1. It's based on MAME, and is extremely simple to use, especially if you also get the separate frontend BridgeM1.

You can use it just as a player, or you can record the output to WAV files so that you can make your own music CDs.

While you're getting BridgeM1, make sure to also get the LIST files. These are song lists made by a very dedicated group of people at e2j.net, and make the games much easier to navigate through. An example of the frontend in use with lists is here to the right. If a list doesn't yet exist for your favorite game, you can also make your own; just refer to the documentation and the other lists as a guide.

Ofcourse BridgeM1 is not portable to os4, but the list files could be used by a tunenet plugin.
Get the list files here:

If you already use MAME, just point M1 to your MAME ROM directory, as over 90% of the currently supported games are the same sets that are supported in MAME. M1 also supports some Pinball ROMS, and there are also few games in M1 that are not currently supported in MAME, which you will have to get separately.

To call it a fun toy would be a misrepresentation. It's a work of art, and I, for one, am glad that RB was inspired to create such a project.

Download Sources!
DownloadMac Sources!
This is how it sounds:

VGMStream This is vgmstream, a library for playing streamed audio from video games. This is the successor of in_cube! More multiplatform friendly code, etc. It's made by the same author as in_cube, so I guess it will support all formats that in_cube supports, eventually. It's said to be VERY portable contrary to in_cube. Source!
It currently comes with source for Winamp, Audacious, and foobar2000 plugins, and a command line decoder that outputs PCM .wav. You can find the latest source code at the SourceForge.net project. Check out the SVN version, the archives on sourceforge are old.

Download the library for AOS4 here:

Download commandline player for AOS4 here:

Download the commandline decoder here:

*** To get in direct contact with the author, join the #console_stream channel on this IRC server: irc.foreverchat.net

VGM Stream music archive for testing the plugin

Formats supported by this version of vgmstream:

--- File types supported by this version of vgmstream ---


- .ads/.ss2
- .ass
- .ast
- .bg00
- .bmdx
- .ccc
- .cnk
- .dxh
- .enth
- .fag
- .filp
- .gcm
- .gms
- .hgc1
- .ikm
- .ild
- .ivb
- .joe
- .kces
- .khv
- .leg
- .mcg
- .mib, .mi4 (w/ or w/o .mih)
- .mic
- .mihb (merged mih+mib)
- .msa
- .msvp
- .musc
- .npsf
- .pnb
- .psh
- .rkv
- .rnd
- .rstm
- .rws
- .rxw
- .snd
- .eg
- .ss
- .sl
- .smpl (w/ bad flags)
- .ster
- .str+.sth
- .str (MGAV blocked)
- .sts
- .svag
- .svs
- .tec (w/ bad flags)
- .tk5 (w/ bad flags)
- .vas
- .vag
- .vgs (w/ bad flags)
- .vig
- .vpk
- .vs
- .vsf
- .wp2
- .xa2
- .xa30

- .aaap
- .agsc
- .amts
- .asr
- .bns
- .bo2
- .capdsp
- .cfn
- .ddsp
- .dsp
- standard, optional dual file stereo
- RS03
- Cstr
- _lr.dsp
- .gca
- .gcm
- .gsp+.gsp
- .hps
- .idsp
- .ish+.isd
- .lps
- .mpdsp
- .mss
- .mus (not quite right)
- .ndp
- .pdt
- .sdt
- .smp
- .sns
- .spt+.spd
- .ssm
- .stm/.dsp
- .str
- .str+.sth
- .sts
- .swd
- .thp, .dsp
- .tydsp
- .vjdsp
- .waa, .wac, .wad, .wam
- .was
- .wsd
- .wsi
- .ydsp
- .ymf
- .zwdsp

- .aiff (8 bit, 16 bit)
- .asd (16 bit)
- .baka (16 bit)
- .bh2pcm (16 bit)
- .dmsg (16 bit)
- .gcsw (16 bit)
- .gcw (16 bit)
- .his (8 bit)
- .int (16 bit)
- .pcm (8 bit, 16 bit)
- .kraw (16 bit)
- .raw (16 bit)
- .rwx (16 bit)
- .sap (16 bit)
- .snd (16 bit)
- .sps (16 bit)
- .str (16 bit)
- .xss (16 bit)
- .voi (16 bit)
- .wb (16 bit)
- .zsd (8 bit)

- .matx
- .wavm
- .wvs
- .xmu
- .xvas
- .xwav

Yamaha ADPCM:
- .adpcm
- .dcs+.dcsw
- .str
- .spsd

- .bar (IMA ADPCM)
- .dvi (DVI IMA ADPCM)
- .hwas (IMA ADPCM)
- .idvi (DVI IMA ADPCM)
- .ivaud (IMA ADPCM)
- .myspd (IMA ADPCM)
- .stma (DVI IMA ADPCM)
- .strm (IMA ADPCM)

- .asf, .as4 (8/16 bit PCM, EACS IMA ADPCM)
- .ast (GC AFC ADPCM, 16 bit PCM)
- .aus (PSX ADPCM, Xbox IMA ADPCM)
- .brstm (GC DSP ADPCM, 8/16 bit PCM)
- .fsb, .wii (PSX ADPCM, GC DSP ADPCM, Xbox IMA ADPCM)
- .genh (lots)
- .nwa (16 bit PCM, NWA DPCM)
- .rwar, .rwav (GC DSP ADPCM, 8/16 bit PCM)
- .rwsd (GC DSP ADPCM, 8/16 bit PCM)
- .rsd (PSX ADPCM, 16 bit PCM, GC DSP ADPCM, Xbox IMA ADPCM, Radical ADPCM)
- .rrds (NDS IMA ADPCM)
- .sad (GC DSP ADPCM, NDS IMA ADPCM, Procyon Studios NDS ADPCM)
- .sng, .asf, .str, .eam (EA/XA ADPCM or PSX ADPCM)
- .strm (NDS IMA ADPCM, 8/16 bit PCM)
- .swav (NDS IMA ADPCM, 8/16 bit PCM)
- .xwb (16 bit PCM, Xbox IMA ADPCM)
- .wav, .lwav (unsigned 8 bit PCM, 16 bit PCM, GC DSP ADPCM, MS IMA ADPCM)

- .2dx9 (MS ADPCM)
- .aax (CRI ADX ADPCM)
- .acm (InterPlay ACM)
- .adp (GC DTK ADPCM)
- .adx (CRI ADX ADPCM)
- .afc (GC AFC ADPCM)
- .ahx (MPEG-2 Layer II)
- .aix (CRI ADX ADPCM)
- .bnsf (G.722.1)
- .caf (Apple IMA4 ADPCM)
- .bgw (FFXI PS-like ADPCM)
- .de2 (MS ADPCM)
- .kcey (EACS IMA ADPCM)
- .mwv (Level-5 0x555 ADPCM)
- .ogg, .logg (Ogg Vorbis)
- .p3d (Radical ADPCM)
- .rsf (CCITT G.721 ADPCM)
- .sab (Worms 4 soundpacks)
- .s14/.sss (G.722.1)
- .sc (Activision EXAKT SASSC DPCM)
- .sd9 (MS ADPCM)
- .smp (MS ADPCM)
- .spw (FFXI PS-like ADPCM)
- .stm renamed .ps2stm (DVI IMA ADPCM)
- .str (SDX2 DPCM)
- .stx (GC AFC ADPCM)
- .um3 (Ogg Vorbis)
- .xa (CD-ROM XA audio)

This is a variant of the PSF Format, using a version byte of 0x23, for Super NES music.
This format exists for SNES music drivers that require the use of the main CPU, and thus can't be fully represented in SPC format.
MiniSNFS Source!
SNSFPlayer Source!
Some tunes to test with!
I have uploaded more music to modland, so they will be available there soon.

in_wsr A Wonderswan music player! It plays .wsr tunes! Can it get more exotic and lovely?

WonderSwan is a handheld game console released in Japan by Bandai in 1999. It was developed by the late Gunpei Yokoi's company Koto and Bandai. The WonderSwan was made to compete with the Neo Geo Pocket Color and the market leader Nintendo's Game Boy Color (even though the developer for the WonderSwan, Gunpei Yokoi, developed the original Nintendo Game Boy).

The WonderSwan was later replaced by the WonderSwan Color. Although some WonderSwan Color games are compatible with the original WonderSwan, many are designed exclusively for the WonderSwan Color and show a message such as "This cartridge is for WonderSwan Color only" when run on the original WonderSwan.

The WonderSwan was available in ten case colors, playable both vertically and horizontally, and features a fairly large library of games. As it was a console designed essentially for the Japanese market, most of the games are in Japanese, with only a few featuring English text.

Machine Specs:

Manufacturer: Bandai
Type: Handheld game console

Generation: Sixth generation era
First available: 1999
Audio: 4-channel digital stereo sound.
Built-in mono speaker or optional headphones with stereo adapter.
Three speaker volume settings selectable via button: loud, medium, mute. (use of headphone adapter disables this button)

An image of the beauty:

Download Sources here!
Specs here, in japanese, but some things can be made out from it.

Example music:

Update: Here is my babel fish translated version of the WSR format specs.
I hope it is of some use.

wsr plugin for winamp - the fact that the tune of WonderSwan is reproduced purpose is Winamp plugin.
The extension wsr the file is performance possible.

wsr format - As for size of file 64KB*n (n=1,2,3,?) With it does. - The header of this format reaches the last 32 bytes of file. (The header you do not say and become the footer however it is probably will be,)

offset size - content

0x 40 x01 - version number,
0x 0 x04 - WSRF (now 00)
0x 50 x01 - first tune number
0x 60 x10 - reservation
0x 100 x06 - starting order (Jmp order)
0x 160 x01 - (Developer ID)
0x 170 x01 - (Minimum support system)
0x 180 x01 - (CartID)
0x 190 x01 - (??)
0x1a 0x01 - (ROM Size)
0x1b 0x01 - (SRAM/EEPROM Size)
0x1c 0x01 - (Additional capabilities)
0x1d 0x01 - (RTC)
0x1e 0x02 - (Checksum)

it is about, starting order of 0x10, but because CPU starts processing from here, putting in place Jmp order, please fly favorite to address. 0x16 - You do not use 0x1f, but please copy from ROM.
When DeveloperID and CartID do perhaps, because perhaps is useful. - CPU (V30MZ) as for execution procedure like below feeling.
1. AX= tune number
2. As CS=0xFFFF and IP=0x0000 start of execution -> in other words, in memory from the position of 0xFFFF0 start of execution.
The place, this above-mentioned starting order. As for setting and the like of the interruption, please go during early processing.
The interruption vector is on RAM.
When it is kss and hes etc, when early processing is done, Ret it does, but in case of this wsr Ret please do not do.
When early processing ending is gone, please point even with the infinite loop.
Because the above-mentioned explanation is unkind, as for details please look at the source.
Perhaps, if the behavior of WonderSwan understands, you think that you understand whether what should have been done. When starting becoming AX= tune number, with just behavior as wsr player, concerning other thing therefore just it is moving normally, is.


I think i just found out something important!
the rips found here: http://wsr.hcs64.com/

have .m3u files included, with gamename, subsong name and offsets.
what happened in your player might have been that it didn't know what and where to start playing so it choked?
have a look at this, and then check the added info about the format in post #1.

here's some info from one of the m3u files.

# ?o?g???X?s?S?b?g ?f?W???"?t???"?e?B?A

Battle Spirit - Digimon Frontier (WSC)(2002)(Dimps)(Bandai).wsr::WSR,$05,05
Battle Spirit - Digimon Frontier (WSC)(2002)(Dimps)(Bandai).wsr::WSR,$06,06
Battle Spirit - Digimon Frontier (WSC)(2002)(Dimps)(Bandai).wsr::WSR,$07,07
Battle Spirit - Digimon Frontier (WSC)(2002)(Dimps)(Bandai).wsr::WSR,$08,08
Battle Spirit - Digimon Frontier (WSC)(2002)(Dimps)(Bandai).wsr::WSR,$09,09
Battle Spirit - Digimon Frontier (WSC)(2002)(Dimps)(Bandai).wsr::WSR,$0a,0a
Battle Spirit - Digimon Frontier (WSC)(2002)(Dimps)(Bandai).wsr::WSR,$0b,0b


Maybe this can help getting the wonderswan (wsr) player working.

Also, in the Mednafen changelog i found:

- Support for WSR(WonderSwan sound rip format) playback.

So maybe the mednafen sources holds the secret. it's only available in mednafen 9.0 WIP, get the source here: http://forum.fobby.net/index.php?t=getfile&id=196&

NEZPlug supports GBR and we don't have support for that, so it's back in the list! NezPlug Sources! Download Music!

NEZPlug++ supports SGC and we don't have support for that, i guess it also supports GBR as it's an improved version of NEZPlug, so making a plugin out of the original NEZPlug might be a bad idea. Use NEZPlug++ instead for both GBR and SGC.

So what's special about GBR and SGC? Unlige VGM's which is a 'recorded' format these are real rips. The original data is snatched right out of the ROM's, just like in Amiga music rips.
GBR is gameboy music and SGC is Sega music.

Download music!
Direct link to the Sources!

inFMPMD plays OVI, OPI, OZI, M, M2 and MZ (NEC-PC98) music!
The PC98 is an old Japanese try at making a common standard for computers it seems.
Lots of.. ehm, interesting games for grown ups was released for it among others.
Source Homepage Download music!

This is how it sounds:

MilkyTracker is now opensourced! This can be used to make a proper XM plugin, contrary to the crappy modplug based one we have now! The milky player core is nicely separated from the tracker, and it imports some other formats as well. Get the source!

SymMOD plays Symphonie modules.
Yea, it's written in Java :( but it's the only thing we've got that ain't ASM.
Download Bin/Source here!
The ASM sources of the tracker can be found here.

Aplayer a beos player written in cpp. It's not as actively maintained as XMP, and it mostly supports the same formats as XMP, so I decided to list only those that XMP or any other plugin does not support, as they are the most interesting.

Fred Editor
Fred Editor (Final)
Power Music

It also supports some module packers, not very interesting as you don't store mods in these formats. If you rip mods and find mods that are packed with these the ripper depacks them.

Laxity Packer
Pygmy Packer
SKYT Packer
Hornet Packer

AAC AAC+ (AACPlus) play AAC+ music.

faad library (shared amigaos library) This package contains;
AACPlay - Simple AAC player. Currently only supports mp4 (.m4a) files.
faad2 - A command line frontend to the faad library. Can be used to convert AAC files to .wav or raw PCM data. faad.library - The OS4 port of the AAC decoder library (libfaad). Provided as a shared library. ibmp4ff.a - OS4 port of libmp4ff. A library for reading mp4 files.

Curty has made a plugin from this library already, but it only play m4a files, and that is not the same as AAC+ i guess?
From the readme of tuneaac_plug: "Uses Faad.Library to decode ACC m4a files.(Handy for those who would like to play songs from their IPod's)"

faad2 decoder - another decoder.
libfaad - a static linklib.

AC-3 Shared Amiga Library Original UNIX sources. liba52 is a free library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams,
also known as AC-3. I guess this is the most common format used in DIVX videos.

SHN Shorten® (.shn) is an audio compression scheme that is used to compress audio (.wav) files losslessly. This means that after you decompress a Shorten file, everything that was in the original .wav is there. This is unlike MP3, in which the compression step throws away information that can never be recovered.
AmigaOS 4.0 Src/Bin

TiMidity++ is a converter that converts some MIDI files to WAV.
It supports these formats that we don't have support for:
RCP, R36, G18, G36.

they are all a sort of MIDI sequence format. These formats are produced from some sequencers released from Come-On Music's products, Recomposer series ( These are only famous in Japan). Since these format is very popular in Japan, many MIDI sequence data based on these formats instead of Standard MIDI file (SMF) are existing. There are even some free software sequencers those are capable handle these formats.

TiMidity uses Gravis Ultrasound-compatible patch files or Soundfonts to generate digital audio data from MIDI files.

ORG Organya - Cavestory Music Format

When Pixel made the fantastic game we know as "Cave Story" he really put some serious effort into it. He made a new music app called, just to compose the music for this game. These songs are known as Organya songs.
FINALLY, a new promising player for org music! This one seems accurate and complete. It comes as a lib and a org > pcm decoder. It's called liborganya.

UPDATE I ported libOrganya to AmigaOS4.
UPDATE Kometbomb and me wrote a commandline player based on liborganya!
Download: Organya Player-AOS4

Homepage: libOrganya
Download: liborganya-os4

More tunes (not from the game) available here:

File format description:

Soundtrack converted to MP3:

PMD Plays music from the japanese P/ECE handheld. Not the same as FMPMD.
Download source:
Download music here:
UPDATE Download the os4 commandline player here: http://www.os4depot.net/index.php?function=showfile&file=audio/play/pmdplay.lha

PPD/PPG/PPX Plays PCM music from the japanese P/ECE handheld.
Sourcecode: http://www.autch.net/online/files/auPPX_kpi-source-1.04.zip
Where to get music/samples?

DTS (Soundsystem)
DTS is a series of multichannel audio technologies owned by DTS, Inc. (NASDAQ: DTSI, formerly known as Digital Theater Systems, Inc.), a company specialising in digital surround sound formats used for both commercial/theatrical and consumer grade applications.
More info

NeoGeo (.mus) a tracker for NeoGeo music has been released, complete with sources that could be used to make a player for neo geo (.mus) files.
Source and example songs

Download all available plugins here!

Update 1: Organya Player released for AmigaOS4!
Update 2: VGMStream Player released for AmigaOS4!
Update 3: Resources added for NeoGeo (.mus) files!
Update 4: added link to os4 commandline pmd player. =)
Update 5: removed orgestrate as it is now obsolete. liborganya does the job better.
Update 6: Cleaned up the info on Sam Coupe, as a player is to be released very soon.
Update 7: A commandline player for Sam Coupe music is made and released for AOS4!

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spotUPRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20101227 18:32  #510
TuneNet currently plays these formats

2SF (NintendoDS) Download Music! 2SF Plugin Original Sources.
669 (Composer 669, Unis 669) ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
8SVX (Amiga IFF 8bit) SNDFile Plugin! Datatypes Plugin!
A2M (AdLib Tracker 2 by subz3ro) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
AAC (IPod) AAC Plugin
AC1D (AC1D Packer) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
ACM (Interplay ACM audio) Can anyone help me find a good source of music in this format!?! ACM Plugin
AHX (Abyss Highest eXperience) Hively Tracker Plugin! Download music!
AIFF (SGI/Apple) SNDFile Plugin!
AIFC (SGI/Apple) SNDFile Plugin!
ALM (Aley Keptr) TuneXMPPlugin
AMD (AMUSIC Adlib Tracker by Elyssis) TuneAdPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
AMF (DSMI Advanced Module Format) ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
AMF (ASYLUM Music Format V1.0) ModPlug Plugin
AMR Plays audio encoded with the 3GPP AMR speech codec. AMR Plugin!
AMS ModPlug Plugin!
APE Monkey's Audio lossless codec APE Plugin!
APUN (APlayer) .MikMod Plugin!
AU (Sun/DEC/NeXT) SNDFile Plugin! Sun AU Plugin
AUD Westwood music Datatypes Plugin! Westwood AUD Datatype
AY (Amstrad CPC/Spectrum ZX/Atari ST) GME Plugin! Download music here or here or here!
BAM (Bob's Adlib Music Format by Bob) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
BGM (MSX Home Computer) KSS Plugin!
BOR Music from the game Beats of Rage. Beats of Rage (BOR) Plugin
BONK Bonk Lossless/Lossy audio. Bonk Plugin
BP (BP Soundmon) (BP) Soundmon Plugin Download music here and here!
CAF (Apple) SNDFile Plugin!
CD61 Octalyser (Atari) XMP Plugin
CD81 Octalyser (Atari) XMP Plugin
CFF (BoomTracker 4.0 by CUD) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
CHN Fast/Taketracker XMP Plugin
CMF (Creative Music File Format by Creative Technology) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
COCO Coconizer (Acorn) XMP Plugin
CRB (Heatseeker 1.0) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
CYM YMAmp Plugin! Origninal Sources.
D00 (EdLib by Vibrants) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
DBM (Digibooster Pro) ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
DFM (Digital-FM by R.Verhaag) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
DI (Digital Illusions) TuneXMPPlugin
DIGI (DIGI Booster) TuneXMPPlugin
DMF ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
DRO (DOSBox Raw OPL Format) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
DSF (Sega Dreamcast) Download Music! DSF Plugin
DSM (DSIK internal format) ModPlug Plugin!
DSYM (Digital Symphony) TuneXMPPlugin
DTM (DeFy Adlib Tracker by DeFy) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
DTM (Digital Tracker) TuneXMPPlugin
DTT (Desktop Tracker) TuneXMPPlugin
EMOD (Quadra Composer) TuneXMPPlugin
EU (Eureka Packer) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
FAR (Farandole Composer) ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
FC (Future Composer) Future Composer Plugin! Download music here or here or here.
FCHS (Fuchs Tracker) TuneXMPPlugin
FCM (FC-M Packer) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) FLAC Plugin! SNDFile Plugin!
FLT (Startrekker/Audio Sculpture) TuneXMPPlugin
FLX Flextrax TuneXMPPlugin
Gamecube Gamecube Plugin! Download music!
FA04 Digital Tracker (Atari) XMP Plugin
FA06 Digital Tracker (Atari) XMP Plugin
FA08 Digital Tracker (Atari) XMP Plugin
FNK (Funktracker) TuneXMPPlugin
FUZZ (Fuzzac Packer) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
GAL4 Galaxy Music System 4.0 XMP Plugin
GAL5 Galaxy Music System 5.0 XMP Plugin
GBS (Gameboy/Gameboy Color) GME Plugin!
GDM (General DigiMusic) Download Music! TuneXMPPlugin MikMod Plugin!
GMC (Game Music Creator) TuneXMPPlugin
GSF (Gameboy Advance) GSF Plugin! Download music here!
GTK (Graoumf Tracker) [http://os4depot.net/?function=showfile&file=audio/play/tunenet/tunenet_xmp.lha]TuneXMPPlugin[/url]
GYM YMAmp Plugin! Origninal Sources.
GYM (Sega Megadrive/Genesis) GME Plugin! Download music!
HES (PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16) GME Plugin! Download music! Download music!
HRT Hornet Packer XMP Plugin
HSC (HSC Adlib Composer by Hannes Seifertm, HSC-Tracker by Electronic Rats) AdPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
HSP (HSC Packed by Number Six / Aegis Corp) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
HTK (HMM Tool Kit) SNDFile Plugin!
HVL (Hivelytracker by IRIS and Up Rough) Hively Tracker Plugin! Download music!
IMF (Apogee IMF File Format by Apogee) TuneAdPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
IMS (Images Music System) TuneXMPPlugin
IFF (Amiga IFF 8bit) SNDFile Plugin! Datatypes Plugin!
IFF (Amiga IFF 16bit) Datatypes Plugin!
IT (Impulse Tracker) ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
KRIS (ChipTracker) (Mod Packer) TuneXMPPlugin
KSM (Kefrens Sound Machine) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
KSM (Ken Silverman's Adlib Music Format by Ken Silverman) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
KSS (MSX Home Computer) GME Plugin! Download music! KSS Plugin!
LAA (LucasArts AdLib Audio File Format by LucasArts) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
LDS (LOUDNESS Music Format by Andras Molnar) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
LIQ (Liquid Tracker) TuneXMPPlugin
M (Ultima 6 Music Format by Origin) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
M4A Apple Lossles Audio Plugin
MAUD Datatypes Plugin!
MAD (Mlat Adlib Tracker) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
MASI (Epic Megagames MASI) TuneXMPPlugin
MAT4 (GNU Octave 2.0) SNDFile Plugin!
MAT5 (GNU Octave 2.1) SNDFile Plugin!
MBM (MSX Home Computer, Moonblaster tunes) KSS Plugin! Download music!
MDL ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
MDX (Sharp X68000) MDX Plugin!
MED (OctaMED) MikMod Plugin!
MGS (MSX Home Computer) KSS Plugin!
MGT (Megatracker) TuneXMPPlugin
MID (MIDI Audio File Format) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
MIDI Midi plugin based on libTimidity!
MKJ (MKJamz by M K Productions *(preliminary)*) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
MMD0 (MED 2.10/OctaMED) TuneXMPPlugin
MMD1 (MED 2.10/OctaMED) TuneXMPPlugin
MMD2 (OctaMED v5/OctaMED SS) TuneXMPPlugin
MMD3 (OctaMED v5/OctaMED SS) TuneXMPPlugin
MED3 (MED 2.00) TuneXMPPlugin
MED4 (MED 2.10) TuneXMPPlugin
MFP Magnetic Fields Packer XMP Plugin
MOD (Protracker) ModPlug Plugin or even better, the PTPlay Plugin! A quite accurate mod plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
MOD (Not 4ch) ModPlug Plugin!
MODL Protracker 3.59 XMP Plugin
MP (Module Protector noID) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
MP (Module Protector) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
MP3 (MPEG Layer-3, Lossy audio)
MPC (MusePack, Lossless audio) MPC Plugin!
MPK (MSX Home Computer) KSS Plugin!
MSC (AdLib MSCplay) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
MTK (MPU-401 Trakker by SuBZeR0) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
MTM (MultiTracker Module editor) ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
MTN (Soundtracker 2.6/Ice Tracker) TuneXMPPlugin
MTP Apple IIgs SoundSmith and MegaTracker songs. Megatracker Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin Download music!
MT2 ModPlug Plugin!
MUSX (Archimedes Tracker) TuneXMPPlugin
NO (Liquid Tracker (old)) TuneXMPPlugin
NP1 (NoisePacker v1) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
NP2 (Noisepacker v2) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
NP3 (Noisepacker v3) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
NSF (Nintendo 8-bit/Famicom) GME Plugin! Download music!
NSFE GME Plugin! (like NSF but supports track names and times)
NTG Noisetracker GS 1.x modules Megatracker Plugin! Download music!
NTP Novotrade Packer XMP Plugin
OGG (Ogg Vorbis, Lossy audio) OGG Vorbis plugin!
OKT (Oktalyzer) ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
OPX (MSX Home Computer) KSS Plugin!
P18A (Promizer 1.8a) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
P10C (Promizer 1.0c) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
P4x (The Player 4.x) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
PxxThe Player XMP Plugin
PAC SBStudio PAC plugin for TuneNet SBStudio PAC Plugin!
PAF Paris Audio File SNDFile Plugin!
PHA (Pha Packer) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
PM Power Music XMP Plugin
POLLY Polly Tracker (C64) XMP Plugin
PP ProPacker XMP Plugin
PROM Promizer XMP Plugin
PRU1 (Prorunner 1.0) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
PRU2 (Prorunner 2.0) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
PSF/MiniPSF (Playstation music) PSF Plugin! Download music here and here!
PSF2 (Playstation 2 music) PSF2 Plugin! Download music here!
PSM ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
PT3 (Protracker 3) TuneXMPPlugin
PTK Protrekkr music. Protrekkr Plugin!
PTM (Protracker 3.6) ModPlug Plugin!
PTM(PolyTracker) ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
PVF (Portable Voice Format) SNDFile Plugin!
QSF (Capcom Q-Sound (Arcade games) QSF Plugin! Download music here!
RAD (Reality ADlib Tracker by Reality) TuneAdPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
RA (Real Audio) Real Audio Plugin!
RAW (Headerless) SNDFile Plugin!
RAW (RdosPlay RAW file format by RDOS) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
RIX (Softstar RIX OPL Music Format) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
ROL (AdLib Visual Composer by AdLib Inc) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
RTM (Real Tracker) TuneXMPPlugin
Samplevision Datatypes Plugin!
S3M-non-synthetic (Scream Tracker) ModPlug Plugin!
S3M (Scream Tracker 3 by Future Crew) TuneAdPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
S98 (NEC PC-98) S98 Plugin! Download music!
SA2 (Surprise! Adlib Tracker 2 by Surprise! Productions TuneAdPlug Plugin!
SAP (Atari XL/XE) GME Plugin! Download music!
SAT (Surprise! Adlib Tracker by Surprise! Productions) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
SCI (Sierra's AdLib Audio File Format by Sierra On-Line Inc) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
SF (IRCAM) SNDFile Plugin!
SFX (SoundFX) TuneXMPPlugin
SD2 (Sound Designer II) SNDFile Plugin!
SID (Old sidplay library!) [/url]SID Plugin! Download music!
SKYT SKYT Packer XMP Plugin
SMS GME Plugin! (Sega Master System) Download music!
SND (Sun/DEC/NeXT) SNDFile Plugin!
SND (Apple) Datatypes Plugin!
SNDH (Atari ST) SC68 plugin! Download music!
SNG (SNGPlay by BUGSY of OBSESSION) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
SNG (Faust Music Creator by FAUST) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
SNG (Adlib Tracker 1.0 by TJ) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
SSF (Sega Saturn) SSF Plugin! Download music!
SPC GME Plugin! (Super Nintendo) Download music!
SPU (Playstation) Plugin![/url]PSF2/SPU Plugin! Download music!
ST (Soundtracker) TuneXMPPlugin
STIM (Slamtilt) TuneXMPPlugin
STM (Scream Tracker) ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
STP StarTrekker Packer XMP Plugin
STX (Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit) .MikMod Plugin!
STX (STMIK 0.2) (Mikmod) TuneXMPPlugin
SVX (Amiga IFF) SNDFile Plugin! Datatypes Plugin!
TCB (TCB Tracker) TuneXMPPlugin
TDD (The Dark Demon) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
TFC (ZX Spectrum (TurboSound FM device - 2xYM2203 chips)) Turbosound (TFM/TFC) Plugin!
TFC (Sega Megadrive/Genesis (TurboSound FM device - 2xYM2203 chips)) Turbosound (TFM/TFC) Plugin!
TFC (Neo Geo (TurboSound FM device - 2xYM2203 chips)) Turbosound (TFM/TFC) Plugin!
TFC (NEC PC-98 (TurboSound FM device - 2xYM2203 chips) Turbosound (TFM/TFC) Plugin!
TFM (ZX Spectrum (TurboSound FM device - 2xYM2203 chips)) Turbosound (TFM/TFC) Plugin!
TFM (Sega Megadrive/Genesis (TurboSound FM device - 2xYM2203 chips)) Turbosound (TFM/TFC) Plugin!
TFM (Neo Geo (TurboSound FM device - 2xYM2203 chips)) Turbosound (TFM/TFC) Plugin!
TFM (NEC PC-98 (TurboSound FM device - 2xYM2203 chips) Turbosound (TFM/TFC) Plugin!
TFMX (alpha version with some issues) TFMX Plugin! Download music!
TIT Titanics Player XMP Plugin
TP3 (Tracker Packer v3) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
TTA (True Audio, Lossless audio) TTA Plugin!
ULT (UltraTracker) ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
UMX ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
UNI (MikMod) Download Music! .MikMod Plugin!
UNIC (UNIC Tracker) TuneXMPPlugin
UNIC (UNIC Tracker id0) TuneXMPPlugin
UNIC (UNIC Tracker noid) [[rl=http://os4depot.net/?function=showfile&file=audio/play/tunenet/tunenet_xmp.lhaTuneXMPPlugin[/url]
UNIC2 (Unic Tracker 2) TuneXMPPlugin
VGM (BBC Micro) GME Plugin!
VGM (Colecovision) GME Plugin! Download music!
VGM (Sega 32X) GME Plugin! Download music!
VGM (Sega Game Gear) GME Plugin! Download music!
VGM (Sega Master System) GME Plugin! Download music!
VGM (Sega Mega CD) GME Plugin! Download music!
VGM (Sega Megadrive) GME Plugin! Download music!
VGM (Sega SG-1000) GME Plugin! Download music!
VGZ (Zip support for vgm files) GME Plugin! Download music!
VOC (Creative) SNDFile Plugin! Datatypes Plugin!
VTX (Vortex Tracker, YM chip format) VTX Plugin!
W64 (Sound forge) SNDFile Plugin!
WAV (Microsoft) SNDFile Plugin!
WAV (Sphere Nist) SNDFile Plugin!
WAV (RIFF Wave) RIFF Wave Plugin!
WAV XBOX ADPCM audio. Datatypes Plugin! RIFF/Wave Plugin!
WMA (Windows Media Audio) WMA Plugin!
WN (Wanton Packer) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
WOW Mod's Grave XMP Plugin
WV WavPack WavPack Plugin!
XAD (eXotic ADlib Format by Riven the Mage) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
XANN (XANN Packer) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
XI (Fasttracker 2 Instrument) SNDFile Plugin! Download Samples!
XM Fast Tracker II) ModPlug Plugin! TuneXMPPlugin
XMS (XMS-Tracker by MaDoKaN/E.S.G) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
XSM (eXtra Simple Music by Davey W Taylor) TuneAdPlug Plugin!
Yamaha TX16W Datatypes Plugin!
YM (Amstrad CPC/Spectrum ZX/Atari ST) YM Plugin! Download music!
ZEN (Zen Packer) (Packed Mod) TuneXMPPlugin
spotUPRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20101228 05:00  #527

Update 1: Organya Player released for AmigaOS4!
K-LRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20101228 16:50  #544

Great list !

I hope someone can manage to get his hand on Symphonie's sources (modules created with it were incredible even if they required a very powerful Amiga).
spotUPRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20101229 01:51  #553
Update 2: VGMStream Player released for AmigaOS4!
fairdinkemRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20101229 07:01  #556

I hope you have some luck here, I wish I could code so I can help you.
spotUPRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20101229 16:04  #565

i heard java is very similiar to C++, so for someone with knowledge of both i guess the current java replayer could be usefull.
spotUPRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20101229 16:05  #566

ValiantRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20101230 15:56  #594

Thanks, spotUP, for your ceaseless work in making sure all available formats are there for TuneNet.

spotUPRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20110103 03:21  #684

we are very close to having a cross platform commandline sam coupe player now =)
deltafire did a terrific job with it. i have it playing music on my ubuntu box here, some endian stuff left to fix and then i will compile it for aos4... =)
masonRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20110103 08:02  #685

Impressive work!

Meanwhile I did the raw images for the 215 def_icons needed. ;)
amigo1Re: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20110103 10:54  #691

:shock: 8-O
amigo1Re: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20110103 11:00  #692

while I'm here, may I humbly ask for a "library" drawer if you happen to have some time to draw it? That's where I put all my music, video, ebooks in.
spotUPRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20110103 16:59  #702

Wow! O_O

here's 200 more for you to draw :P
spotUPRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20110104 03:19  #732

Update 3: Resources added for NeoGeo (.mus) files!
masonRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20110105 17:35  #754

Done - will be in the next release!
masonRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20110105 17:38  #755


Please let me finish this task first.
35 % done (75 of 215 icons)
spotUPRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20110105 21:47  #766

just kidding =)
masonRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20110106 11:12  #773

I hoped so! ;)

42 % done (90 of 215 icons)
It is a boring job...
spotUPRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20110106 13:27  #775

same icon with different text overlay?
masonRe: Let's make TuneNet plugins!20110106 19:02  #780

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