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mrodfrMultiren possible problem (I'm not sure)...20101228 13:39

I'm using actually multiren last version for renaming lots of files.

1. Using the renplacer plugins with 3 string memos predefined

source target

( - ) -> (-)
(. ) -> (-)
(_-_) -> (-)

I could verry easily make files all the same kind.

2. If I the same time, I would like to add a title for all the files:

* (source)
Helloween-* (target)

and use the rename button, that don't work. After saving the result and want to clean the list, a requester said:

You have filename marked changed
Are you sure you want to clear the list

if I answer: Yes, Helloween- is lost.

My solution: I save after point 1. and do alone the point 2. and all is fine.

It's normal or a problem somewhere ?


Add a delete button.

With all listed, It's easy to remove some thumb.db or destoptk.ini with Multiren that open dopus and open the good drawer.

Possibility to only show, example, .mp3 inside the visible columns. Like that no need to disable or enable some lines.

registered user since 03-12-2001
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DeniilRe: Multiren possible problem (I'm not sure)...20101229 09:11  #557

I think the problem is that you actually need to click two Rename button to actually rename the actual files. The rename button in the Renplace tool (where you enter this: * (source) , Helloween-* (target) ) just renames the *filenames* in the list according to your pattern. The actual files will not be renamed at this point for a very good reason.

To renames the *files* from the "Old name" to the "New name" in the list you click the bold Rename button in the main window. There are three bold buttons and there are the only ones that actuall rename the files on disk. No other function operates on the *files*, only on the *filenames* in the list. That is so you can try again and apply more functions and undo before the real files are changed.

This is also why you go a warning when you quit; it's because you never renamed the files, only the filenames in the list. However, since you saved the list you can reload the list and all your work is still there. Just click the bold Rename button in the main window after loading your saved list.

Get back to me if it doesn't work. :-)
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