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ValiantWhere are all the updates?20101230 05:07
Usually around this time of year there are a number of updates to programs like SimpleMail, AWeb and so forth, but they appear to be lacking this year. I did find an update to CodeAudio when I started it again after a long period of non-use, but where are all the other updates? And to all the software authors out there, if you have updated your programs please make a news announcement either on here or on AmigaWorld so we don't have to blindly stumble upon them. Thanks...


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K-LRe: Where are all the updates?20101230 08:24  #580

SimpleMail has been updated to version 0.36 but the news was indeed not posted on Amigans. For the rest, I don't really know.
ValiantRe: Where are all the updates?20101230 16:12  #598

Yes, I saw the news on AmigaWorld, but so far it's been the only one. I know there have been more programs updated, but so far no one's make any announcements afaik.

TiredOfLifeRe: Where are all the updates?20101230 17:27  #601

There is some stuff here -

ChrisHRe: Where are all the updates?20101231 10:56  #619
I was hoping to make a new release of PortablE by Christmas, but couldn't manage it in time. Hopefully "soon" though.
AntiqueRe: Where are all the updates?20101231 22:11  #630

Was hoping for a update on blu manager aswell at christmas. But that didn't go as planned. Was just a small update,mainly bugfixes.
masonRe: Where are all the updates?20101231 22:35  #632


ValiantRe: Where are all the updates?20110101 01:28  #635

Oh, yes! Very nice, thanks...

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