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Phantom[SOLVED] AmiUpdate 2.6 goes Guru20110101 17:59
I've installed the new version via AmiUpdate updater, but after I choose to scan for new updates I got a DSI error everytime and everything locks up.
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ValiantRe: AmiUpdate 2.6 goes Guru20110101 18:47  #662

Sorry, I can't up you; it's running just fine here.

TiredOfLifeRe: AmiUpdate 2.6 goes Guru20110101 19:26  #665

No problems here either.
rigoRe: AmiUpdate 2.6 goes Guru20110101 19:58  #667

There is an update to the library which fixes these crashes. You may need to rollback to AmiUpdate 2.5 in order to get the update.

RIBDEVIL1Re: AmiUpdate 2.6 goes Guru20110101 21:36  #671

At first time I have the same crash.
Rollback to 2.5 and Install the new library first, like says Rigo.
And then the 2.6 update.
Now works fine
fairdinkemRe: AmiUpdate 2.6 goes Guru20110102 09:19  #675

Works all good here also
PhantomRe: AmiUpdate 2.6 goes Guru20110102 17:26  #678

I used rollback to go to 2.5 version, run the program but it finds only 2.6 update. Also it says something about the update.library but again nothing. The same guru occurs. :/
FernechoRe: AmiUpdate 2.6 goes Guru20110102 17:40  #679

No problem, works fine here.
PhantomRe: AmiUpdate 2.6 goes Guru20110102 17:46  #680
Can anyone send me the new update.library via my email please?

rigoRe: AmiUpdate 2.6 goes Guru20110102 17:54  #681


PhantomRe: AmiUpdate 2.6 goes Guru20110102 18:45  #682

Thanks Simon. :-)
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