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AntiqueAdding TRIM support?20110104 00:44
Are there any plans to add TRIM support for ssd hds?

As ssd discs support TRIM.
But TRIM needs OS support.
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broadbluesRe: Adding TRIM support?20110104 02:14  #730

and TRIM is?
K-LRe: Adding TRIM support?20110104 03:35  #733

A trick to avoid SSDs to slow down during its life.
AntiqueRe: Adding TRIM support?20110104 07:43  #734

Would be nice for such support on the amiga some day. Alongside blu ray support(both playback and filesystem). The prices are still a bit high for the ssd's. But this will probably fall when it gets more ppopular. Considering a small one as a system partition for my sam.
hotrodRe: Adding TRIM support?20110104 08:51  #735

What about the Seagate Momentus XT that are a Hybrid? I'm thinking about putting one of those in my A1. It shall speed up the system a lot thanks to the built in 4GB flashmem.
SnuffyRe: Adding TRIM support?20110107 23:08  #817

and TRIM is?
Disk op to 'trim' white space from files, ISTR.
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