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masonMasonicons Collection 2009-2010 available20110107 17:53
The archive is available on OS4Depot.net now.

It features all the icons I did in the last two years and some extras like a brand new icon set for AmiCygnix and of course the latest version of AISS.


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RIBDEVIL1Re: Masonicons Collection 2009-2010 available20110107 17:57  #801

Thanks for your fantastic artwork.

I like it.
samo79Re: Masonicons Collection 2009-2010 available20110107 18:16  #802

An awesome pack, thanks 1000 :-)
kas1eRe: Masonicons Collection 2009-2010 available20110107 18:42  #803
I read today some topic on AW.net, where ppls talks about screen-dragging, and someone say that screen-dragging and double state icons are the identification of the amigaos. Imho will be right to say, that look of one of those amiga-idetification-features are fully your work. And i am sure, that your artwork already bring to us some aos4 users. Hope you will make more in that year :)
amigo1Re: Masonicons Collection 2009-2010 available20110107 18:47  #804

Thanks a lot! It's a great joy to start the Amiga and being greeted by your icons! :-)
masonRe: Masonicons Collection 2009-2010 available20110107 19:56  #807


Meanwhile there are some previews up: Link
cha05e90Re: Masonicons Collection 2009-2010 available20110108 00:34  #823

Excellent and comprehensive! Your new AmiCygnix icons rule! :-)
PhantomRe: Masonicons Collection 2009-2010 available20110108 00:41  #824

The defacto icons collection (with cha05e90's of course). Keep up the good work!
masonRe: Masonicons Collection 2009-2010 available20110110 00:14  #864

I f you want the AmiCygnix template feel free to contact me :-D
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