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cha05e90PegII: Boot delay after change from 3114 to 3112 [SOLVED]20110108 21:01

I changed my SATA controller in my Pegasos II from an sii3114 controller to a sii3112 controller. Now AmigaOS4.1 hangs shortly after the Kickstart loading sequence while it tries to blend in the boot picture (the screen is still nearly black, but you can already recognize the OS4.1 boot screen). The system remains in this state for a rather long time and the finally boots into AmigaOS4.1. After booting everything seems fine, the hard disk at sii3112 device is there, no error in debugbuffer.

With the former sii3114 device the system boots straight into AmigaOS4.1 without any "pause". Any ideas why this happens?
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slayerRe: Boot hick-up with Pegasos II after change from 3114 to 320110108 23:53  #833

Put your 3114 back in and enter a shell and type NVGetVar

see all those bits and pieces pertaining to the 3114? you need to create entries for the 3112 using NVSetVar don't enter the = sign

if you don't know what to type in the boot1, boot2 fields you will have to stop the booting procedure and select the right controller and boot options via the early boot menu etc

for more precise information and descriptions of what all the related jargon means please read the files inside DH0:documentation/IDE/

This is where I'd start in any case, you may have to tweak certain settings like things pertaining to the 3114 get a 0 to turn off opposed to a 1... There are other things like removing the 3114 device from the kickstart kicklayout file but really everything should be able to exist peacefully togetther

One thing I've learned from running my various SAMs etc is 4.x and its config files like to be told precisiely what is connected where it is connected and how it should be run/booted, allows for exact control at the expense of easy understanding at times for the beginner

I think from your description the system is simply trying things it can't do because the controller isn't there anymore but the config points to it in various places... by being precise and telling the machine what to do by creating the new config entries or editing the existing ones the system should know what path to follow and not get hung trying to determine things on its own...

hope that makes some sense ;-)
cha05e90Re: Boot hick-up with Pegasos II after change from 3114 to 320110109 00:27  #834

Thanks for your suggestions! I already adapted my "NVRAM" settings for the 3112 controller. Or to be more precise, the "NVRAM.txt" in the Kickstart drawer, 'cos a Pegasos II doesn't have any UBoot NVRAM - the commands NVGet/SetVar don't exist in the OS4.1 version of the Pegasos II. Nevertheless in spite of having altered the NVRAM to represent the controller (i.e. _xfer, _irq and the like) nothing changed. Are there any other settings beneath the NVRAM that could lead to such effects? It seems that the kernel has trouble on bootup to get any PCI settings or whatever right or at least seems to need a loooot of time to do so. BTW: MorphOS bootup is longer now as well - but not in that dimensions, that AmigaOS needs now... ?!?
cha05e90Re: Boot hick-up with Pegasos II after change from 3114 to 320110109 10:28  #835

Thank you! :-)

I couldn't really sleep with this problem still pending, so I did define *all* known to me and possible NVRAM variables for the 3112-interface - which I didn't for the former 3114 controller. And now everything boots up fine and fast. For info:


So I still don't understand why my former sii3114 controller didn't need all this variables and booted in spite of this fast and reliable - but, hey, now it works.

I'm so tired. :-)
slayerRe: Boot hick-up with Pegasos II after change from 3114 to 320110109 10:45  #836

Very cool!

I'm tired too! but more a case of getting up too early and thrashing Star Ocean all day long... back to work tommorrow for the new year!

glad you got it sorted!
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