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elwoodWebsite recover status20110110 23:42
Hi there,

How is the recovering progressing? Thanks.
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328gtsRe: Website recover status20110111 05:34  #888

+ 1..miss the real site

Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110111 18:02  #894

Me too. I am gonna try and find out what's happening. Its a long story.
PhantomRe: Website recover status20110111 18:17  #895

Me too, too. :-)
328gtsRe: Website recover status20110115 16:16  #1008
any news? last i heard the info on the old site will be saved..right??

chrisRe: Website recover status20110115 16:28  #1010

The data is safe.
kas1eRe: Website recover status20110115 16:38  #1011
I start to fear, that if bringing new site will take some more time, then we will not want to loose temprorary one, which already have some interesting topic, which will be bad to loose :)
Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110115 17:39  #1014

Does anyone know the whereabouts of HNL-DK?
PhantomRe: Website recover status20110116 02:48  #1031

I'm afraid that too.
TroelsRe: Website recover status20110116 09:44  #1033
Perhaps the temp one could be kept accessible but closed for posting once we get the old site back?
AntiqueRe: Website recover status20110116 14:25  #1048

Or they can close this one when the old one is ready. And take the posts from the new one and put into the old database. :)
orginRe: Website recover status20110116 17:54  #1055

A post merge is extremely unlikely.
328gtsRe: Website recover status20110117 02:15  #1065

fair enough as that was staed right from the beginning.

are we looking at weeks or months to get the real site back though?? (please don't say 'another 2 weeks' :-)
orginRe: Website recover status20110117 07:37  #1067

No idea, it's not my gig.
Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110117 11:34  #1069

As I have stated before anyone know if Hennng is alright? (HNL-DK)
kas1eRe: Website recover status20110117 11:44  #1070

I first time heard about, and even in google was not so easy to find .. What url of them ? (so we can just google on reports about)
Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110117 11:52  #1072

Sorry Kas1e, I don't understand what you mean.
kas1eRe: Website recover status20110117 12:01  #1073

I mean we talk about hosting company where you want to buy a server for new site ?
Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110117 12:40  #1074

It's not a hosting issue - hosting is fine. The issue is a XOOPS administrator issue. Henning kindly volunteered to fix and update/patch the site. All was going well till just before Xmas -We haven't heard from him since. :-(
ssolieRe: Website recover status20110118 18:16  #1097
Henning tends to go dark. I expect he is busy with non-computer life as most of us are.
kas1eRe: Website recover status20110118 18:49  #1098
So looks like need another person :(

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