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walkeroRe: Website recover status20110221 16:03  #2306

Hello to all. I would like to say that the new (old) site is already updated to the latest version of the CMS and modules. I work these days with the theme in a way that it won't prevent us to update the website in the future, without losing anything or doing the same "hacks" in every update. I believe that this will finish until Wednesday and after that we are going to work on fixing a few bugs and make it available to all of you. I don't think that this will take "two more weeks (tm)" but you never know. I f everything goes wrong it might will.

When the website becomes available again there will be a period that the Ibrowse version might not be usable, but this will get fixed. After all we need to restore the old website and get rid of the temporary one, and then make those "non-css browser" fixes.

After all these, the website will be in a testing period where we will need your feed back for problems or working faults.

Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110221 17:42  #2309

I said two more weeks to give you some breathing room :-)
ChrisHRe: Website recover status20110221 19:00  #2312
To avoid any surprises... Can be expect that the current (new) threads will be present on the restored (old) site? Or do we loose recent threads?
Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110221 19:37  #2314

At the moment the databases are not the same/incompatible as I understand it. Yes news items/etc may be ported over manually but it is time consuming so do not expect miracles.

Mikey C
elwoodRe: Website recover status20110221 22:17  #2334

Maybe a script could rework an export of the table(s) to change it to the new format. So you just dump the table, run the script over it and load the result back to the database.
I used that some time ago. But of course it's interesting only if there is not much changes between the 2 formats.
walkeroRe: Website recover status20110222 10:18  #2353

You are right for the scripts. The problem is not to transfer the data of a topic and it's posts, but to transfer the post author ids. What I mean is that the users of the old website have different id numbers with the same users at the temporary website. This happened because everyone should register again at the temporary website. So, if we transfer with scripts the new topics, there is going to be a problem with whom said what.

I'm looking to find a way to fix this also, but maybe it is better to upload the old site as soon as possible and forget the posts of the temporary website. But I will try to find a way to make the transfer.
kas1eRe: Website recover status20110222 10:20  #2354

Imho just post from Developer section are really worth of saving: let's even they be saved with all nicknames as "anon_from_temporary". Because some info in them already good enough, and loosing that will a bit sad.
orginRe: Website recover status20110222 12:04  #2356

This site will be kept online.
elwoodRe: Website recover status20110223 22:35  #2411

What I mean is that the users of the old website have different id numbers with the same users at the temporary website.

Oh yes of course. Well, the content is probably more important than who said what. I would import them linking the comments to a special user.
I wouldn't see it as a problem. We may need a poll ;-)
nbacheRe: Website recover status20110223 23:45  #2412
How about starting the user IDs of the future site at a number higher than the highest ID used at either of the old sites, then you can import the messages with their original user ids (well, you may need to convert some if the same ID range has been used at the original site and at the current temporary one).

Ideally, you'd then have e.g. my messages under three different IDs. Then I can go find out myself which three "users" are really all me, and ask the friendly admin to please merge them to one ID.

Or is it more complicated than that? (Things often are ;-)). E.g. are there also message IDs which need to be unique?

Best regards,

TrevRe: Website recover status20110224 02:54  #2413

Moving data from one database to another and transforming the data in the process is easy. Any database administrator with any amount of experience should be able to do that. I suspect the primary issue is the authenticity of users, i.e. is 'foo' with a user identifier of 1234 on the new site the same person as 'foo' with a user identifier of 5678 on the old site. Email addresses tend to be unique, so a match on both username and email address might be sufficient. In that case, all data from '1234|foo|foo@example.com' could be merged with data from '5678|foo|foo@example.com'.
orginRe: Website recover status20110224 10:15  #2415

We have very capable people in the staff (think long time high profile software developers) so you don't need to worry about ways to copy data. It's not very hard to do, but would take some time. There's simply no one interested in taking the time to do it and that's why it won't be done, not because it would be hard.

Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110224 14:59  #2417


Of course if some people want to volunteer to move the stuff over, that's fine with us, I'm sure we can arrange it.
gerographRe: Website recover status20110224 16:45  #2420
here is a kind request for an "iBatch" forum inside "softwaresupport" section. Could that be done on the new/recovered website, please ? iBatch is a batch imageconverting software designed on OS4 but also compatible with Classic 3.x (as far as they are fast enough...). Check www.geobiz.de/ibatch.html.


nbacheRe: Website recover status20110224 22:27  #2433

Moving data from one database to another and transforming the data in the process is easy. Any database administrator with any amount of experience should be able to do that.

I know. (Believe me. Databases - and programming them - are my daily professional life :-)). What I didn't know, and what anybody would need to know in order to design such a job, is how these particular databases are modeled, i.e. which unique key constraints are on which entities, and whether this uniqueness was likely to break when merging data from the two existing databases. And the analysis of this was what I was trying to contribute input to.

Best regards,

TrevRe: Website recover status20110224 23:12  #2436

Those things break anyway. In my own experience, it's the metastate between the two that's important. That's the point at which the data can be one thing or the other, depending on the observation. (I'm not advocating for NoSQL here, just a holistic view of the data.)

Regardless, we now know the real reason it's not going to happen is because someone is lazy. :-P (That's a joke, people.)
328gtsRe: Website recover status20110228 01:50  #2504

I say bring the real site back asap and don't worry about the existing threads for now...I know a few people who havent even bothered re-registering on this temp site plus we all knew it was temp from the first day it was brought back on line

voxRe: Website recover status20110228 03:01  #2505

What can we expect at all?
Should we all just come to peace with what new site is, as it is
and move on, or we will have some kind of comeback? :-)
Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110301 21:56  #2547

The Old Website has been fixed, with a new lick and shipped, Website host and Benefactor.

As soon as the approval is given, the DNS will be changed to point back to where we were.

Please join me in thanking Walkero for his effort in single handedly, getting us updated to where we should be.

Bravo Matey! :-)

samo79Re: Website recover status20110301 22:24  #2548

Wow this is finally a good news, thanks to all involved ! :-D
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