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328gtsRe: Website recover status20110302 00:42  #2551
YAHOOOOOOOO WALKEROOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great news man..i was getting worried there a bit I must admit :-)

btw, sorry for the rhymes guys..my kids are into the Cat n The Hat phase LOL

cha05e90Re: Website recover status20110302 07:07  #2553
are into the Cat n The Hat phase

No problem - I never leaved this phase... ;-)

@walkero & all who helped
joeledRe: Website recover status20110302 08:23  #2556
@walkero & all who helped
Thank you!!!

JosDuchItRe: Website recover status20110302 09:58  #2563

A real big thank you. Missed all the info on the original website a lot

328gtsRe: Website recover status20110309 15:11  #2785
...any new problems come up ??

328gtsRe: Website recover status20110312 19:30  #2832

nubechecorreRe: Website recover status20110312 21:10  #2834
thanks great news!

do we need to re-register again or our "old" nicknames will still be there?
328gtsRe: Website recover status20110316 05:59  #2902
just curious but is everything ok with the transfer ???...I'm getting a weird feeling & I hope I'm wrong (or at least just paranoid) LOL

ChrisHRe: Website recover status20110316 09:40  #2904
Ignore the voices in your head! (well, unless they are yours;-)
328gtsRe: Website recover status20110317 00:26  #2925


328gtsRe: Website recover status20110319 00:07  #2981
guys ok so i'm in X-Files mode now...why is Origin improving this temp site when the real site is around the corner??? hmm & why has the 'temporary' moniker at the top of the page been removed????

ok Mulder thinking cap on..let me hear your story Skully..LOL
samo79Re: Website recover status20110319 00:15  #2982

Ehm, i'm in X-Files mode too ...
328gtsRe: Website recover status20110319 00:51  #2983

..the truth is out there...

samo79Re: Website recover status20110319 01:27  #2984

328gtsRe: Website recover status20110319 02:22  #2985

thanks..that's more dramatic LOL

samo79Re: Website recover status20110319 03:21  #2986

Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110319 13:40  #2992

Our benefactor is unreachable at the moment. :-(

Orgin update of this site's engine is his pet project, he created the software. its up to him

I am considering alternatives. I am just as fed up and sick of the whole thing as you lot are.

AntiqueRe: Website recover status20110319 16:05  #2996

Hø? What happened?
Wasn't everything soon ready?
328gtsRe: Website recover status20110319 17:45  #2998

I knew something was up..my spidey (err Ami) sense was tingling

DAXRe: Website recover status20110320 21:12  #3036
so, we might be stuck with this site, did I get this right?
At this point then, add PMs, and a search engine that looks inside posts...

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