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orginRe: Website recover status20110320 21:42  #3037

Err the PM functionality is much more capable here than in xoops. Just click "Messages" in the left menu. If you want to PM someone either go there or via the profile page of the receiving user.

Anyway post any suggestions in this thread
328gtsRe: Website recover status20110321 00:51  #3043

DAX wrote:

"so, we might be stuck with this site, did I get this right? "

& you, once again, talk about adding something new to this temporary site??

Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110321 13:26  #3060

The new updated/old site will be back. Of that I have no doubt.

328gtsRe: Website recover status20110321 21:50  #3078
Mikey_C wrote:

'The new updated/old site will be back. Of that I have no doubt. '

Ok that's all we wanted to hear..thanks for the update :-)

Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110323 10:51  #3126

I am happy to announce that the old/updated site has now been restored and approved. All that's left is for the DNS Servers to be updated.

kas1eRe: Website recover status20110323 13:16  #3127

Cool ! I start to fear that all will be die on the half of way :) Good that everything ends fine.
328gtsRe: Website recover status20110323 16:57  #3134

sounds good but let's hope it's not deja vu from post 2547 :-)
Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110323 17:36  #3136

Rest assured, everything is up and running already, its just a matter of waiting for the DNS servers, which is in the hands of Orgin ;-)
328gtsRe: Website recover status20110323 18:07  #3138

thanks Mikey ! really miss the old/new site :-)

@ origin

thanks for the setting up the temp site

Last edited by 328gts at 20110323 20:36
MoonSireRe: Website recover status20110323 20:00  #3141
Thank you very much orgin for creating this excellent site in the meantime though!
derfsRe: Website recover status20110323 20:07  #3142

MoonSire wrote:
Thank you very much orgin for creating this excellent site in the meantime though!

nbacheRe: Website recover status20110323 22:20  #3146

Gaaah, who has patience to wait for DNS servers. Come on, spill the IP address already! :-)

Best regards,

orginRe: Website recover status20110324 07:10  #3153

Not to worry, I haven't received any request to change the dns yet nor what IP to change to so it will probably be a while yet.
Mikey_CRe: Website recover status20110324 08:23  #3154

I sent you an email yesterday morning.
DAXRe: Website recover status20110324 09:47  #3155
@Mikey_C @Orgin
Thanks for your hardwork.
Since there were features requests for "this" site and problems with the old, I (wrongly) thought we were stuck with the current situation.

A lot of stuff has been added here, but of course the level of polish (and user friendliness) of the old site is still far.
Hope to see the old site up soon...

derfsRe: Website recover status20110324 11:54  #3156

it seems www.amigans.net is forwarded on to www.amigaworld.net here, and for a few others

emeckRe: Website recover status20110324 20:23  #3176

The new/old site is working now (www.amigans.net). Should we use that now or not yet?
rigoRe: Website recover status20110324 23:11  #3179

Yes, all new activity should be on the http://www.amigans.net site.

ChrisHRe: Website recover status20110325 10:14  #3184
It is very strange for me: Initially I get can on www.amigans.net, but then after a while I start getting taken to AW.net :( . Happened yesterday (in the middle of writing a post), and happened again today (when I wanted to edit a recent post). Both times I was using OWB v3.31, if it makes any difference.
orginRe: Website recover status20110325 10:22  #3187

Call your DNS manager then. It has nothing to do with our dns settings. It can take up to 24h before all dns servers in the whole world are updated, sometimes longer. All we can do is set the correct data and then it's up to the worldwide dns system to update itself.
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