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ChrisHRealworld benchmarks for ACube's speed-ups20110111 01:42
ACube recently released 3 different speed-ups of OS4 on Sam440s. While there have been a lot of low-level benchmarks, I wanted to know how they affected real-world usage. So before I did the upgrades (at least one of which cannot be reversed) I ran some benchmarks. Then I repeated them each time I did one of the speed-ups. Result? One speed-up made a huge difference, while the other two were barely measurable (probably because of the type of programs being used for the test).

Hardware used for test: Sam440 MiniITX 667MHz, 512MB RAM, built-in 64MB graphics chip.
Software used for test: AmigaOS4.1 Update 2, DvPlayer v0.65 (registered), ioQuake 3.

ACube speed-ups used: (b) sam440ep_setup.lha, (c) pci-mini-update.lha, (d) Sam440ep-mini_updater_20101206.zip . BEWARE that Sam440 Flex users must NOT use the "mini" versions, as they may kill your Sam440.

Tests done:
1. Soft reset, run ioQuake 3, go to console, timedemo 1, demo four. Recorded average FPS. Did this 2-3 times. (I've previously posted my "optimal" ioQuake 3 settings, so won't do so again.)
2. Soft reset, open Shell, CD to DvPlayer folder, DvPlayer VERBOSE sii3114ide.device:3 FULL. Recorded the % frames skipped for chapters 3-6 of the DVD "The girl who leapt through time" (which happened to have a nice range of short videos that I could easily run).

Test 1:
(a) 18.6, 18.7, 18.8 fps. [i.e. before any speed-ups]
(b) 18.6, 18.7 fps [i.e. after sam440ep_setup.lha]
(c) 19.1, 19.1 fps [i.e. after pci-mini-update.lha]
(d) 19.1, 19.2 fps [i.e. after Sam440ep-mini_updater_20101206.zip]

(a) 11, 25, 22, 16 %
(b) 11, 25, 22, 17 %
(c) 6, 20, 17, 12 %
(d) 6, 19, 17, 12 %

As you can see, the only speed-up which made any real difference in these tests was pci-mini-update.lha, and that improved DvPlayer quite a bit, while giving a small boost to ioQuake3. So I definitely recommend that update!

P.S. While I don't use DvPlayer until it has subtitle support (promised for the next release IIRC), I personally don't usually notice any frame skipping anyway. But any speed-up will surely help with the more difficult scenes (typically action-packed or fast-moving ones). And of course those with Sam440s faster than 667MHz should see less skipped frames in the first place.

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