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      AmigaOS 4  
AllanonAMC QuickFix 1.21 released20101211 10:33
This is a quickfix to correct all reported bugs of the AmigaOS4 version, and a couple of unnoticed bug of the AROS version

Please go to http://a-mc.biz/downloads.html and download the package for your system (AROS or AmigaOS), you can download the full package or the QuickFix archive.
The QuickFix is only usefull to fix 1.2 installations, just unpack and overwrite files and drawers on your AMC folder.

Registered users
you will receive and e-mail with detailed instructions, if, for some reason, you do not receive this e-mail please write to info@a-mc.biz or activation@a-mc.biz

As usual comments and suggestions are welcome!
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PhantomRe: AMC QuickFix 1.21 released20101211 12:40  #25

Great. Will test it again at night after work.
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