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chrisWet 6.1 new translations20110113 00:20
update Turkish translation now updated, thanks to Sinan Gürkan.

The Spanish and Basque translations have been updated. Thanks to Iñaki Alejo Arregui and Roberto Saez Martin.

Also note (for people who missed the original announcement) the German catalog file was broken in the release archive, the fixed version is also available.

Download at:
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SinanRe: Wet 6.1 new translations20110115 12:42  #1005

I plan to update the partial V3.2 Turkish translation to V6.1 level (I have done 3.2). Can you send catalog files as PM ?
chrisRe: Wet 6.1 new translations20110115 16:27  #1009

Can you send me an email please, or I'll forget.
chrisRe: Wet 6.1 new translations20110116 21:23  #1061
Turkish now up on the site, thank you!
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