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sickyI'm coming back20110115 23:54
I have decided to return to the Amiga, purely for fun and a hobby. Got to sort out an OS4 machine for myself soon, can't wait!
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nbacheRe: I'm coming back20110116 00:15  #1024

Now there's an old familiar name! Welcome back, mate!

Still having fond memories of a great couple of evenings some years back.

You picked a good time to return; there's certainly more hardware to choose from than five years ago. And even more in the pipeline.


Best regards,

sickyRe: I'm coming back20110116 00:24  #1025

Yes really enjoyed your visit way back when, a lot has happened since then. Divorced, went to Mac, got married again and now coming back to Amiga ;-)
328gtsRe: I'm coming back20110116 00:48  #1026

welcome back! lots of stuff happening nowadays and we even have a choice of hardware!!!

Mikey_CRe: I'm coming back20110116 01:06  #1027

Welcome back old Chum, The Amiga community has been much the poorer for you not being here. Hope you get a new system soon.

Now if only we can get Outcast to give up Linux ;-)

hotrodRe: I'm coming back20110116 01:25  #1028

Wellcome back! :-)
PhantomRe: I'm coming back20110116 02:47  #1030
Hi and welcome back. :-)
poweramigaRe: I'm coming back20110116 06:33  #1032

Gday sicky and welcome home :) good to see ya back dude
joeledRe: I'm coming back20110116 10:19  #1035
Welcome back!
AmigaPapstRe: I'm coming back20110116 10:58  #1036

Welcome back. I hope you will stay forever. :-)
ChrisHRe: I'm coming back20110116 11:05  #1038
I have decided to return to the Amiga ... for fun and a hobby.

That sounds like the best reason! :-)
chrisRe: I'm coming back20110116 12:24  #1040

Blimey, welcome back!
Mikey_CRe: I'm coming back20110116 13:29  #1043
@chris Y & Chris H

I've invited Sicky to come down to the next ANT meeting in Feb so he can have a good look at the SAM's. I have suggested that he may want to consider a SAM Flex Amiga (he wants some thing small and compact) If I recall correctly one of you guys have one
AntiqueRe: I'm coming back20110116 14:20  #1047

Welcome back. :-)

And you'd really want to consider a new sam460. :)
EVilDRMikeRe: I'm coming back20110116 14:30  #1049

Welcome back. You probably don't remember me. I dumped a load of Amigas on you at a service station in 2002. Recently got an A500 for free but am saving my cents for an X1000.

chrisRe: I'm coming back20110116 15:34  #1050

You recall incorrectly, we both have 440EPs. Mine's a 600MHz.

I have an AmigaOne G4-XE I'm willing to sell though :)

ChrisHRe: I'm coming back20110116 16:23  #1052
Both Ivan & David have Flexes.

I believe that the Sam460 is about the same size as the Sam440 Flex, so which one'd he'd go for would depend on cost + what he wanted to use it for (although I think a 440 @733MHz manages to cover most bases).
masonRe: I'm coming back20110116 17:20  #1054

Welcome back!
TSKRe: I'm coming back20110116 18:22  #1057

Welcome back !
sickyRe: I'm coming back20110116 19:12  #1058
@mason and all others

Welcome back!

Thank you all :-)

nbacheRe: I'm coming back20110117 00:09  #1063

Divorced, went to Mac, got married again and now coming back to Amiga ;-)

Wow, wonder if that's some sort of thumb rule: Macs for divorcees, Amigas for the happily married :-)

Anyway, congrats on both developments!

Best regards,

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