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TSKPicture datatype20110118 21:27

struct BitMap *bm=0;
if (DTFile!=0)

Why bitmap pointer bm is always null ? I was expecting to get a pointer to the bitmap of the picture. I get a pointer to Bitmap header which contains correct width and height values for the picture which means it's loaded. (I use ObtainBitMapSource() usually instead of datatypes lib. But I'm curious.)
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thomasRe: Picture datatype20110118 22:12  #1104

The bitmap is only created during layout processing. Layout is done automatically if you add the datatype object to a window as a gadget. If you don't want to add it to a window, you have to call the layout method manually. Add this before GetDTAttrs:

IIntuiton->IDoMethod (DTFile,DTM_PROCLAYOUT,NULL,1);
TSKRe: Picture datatype20110118 23:09  #1107

I was trying to do it this way:

Thanks ! Now it works. I'm always lost with IDoMethod() and IDoMethodA() and their parameters.

@AOS devs
I have a feature request. It would be nice if Jpeg datatype supported Exif thumbnails.
amigo1Re: Picture datatype20110119 07:30  #1110

It would be nice if JPEG datatype would support EXIF at all! :-)
abalabanRe: Picture datatype20110119 11:41  #1113

You might re-read my thread on utilitybase (where you just posted yesterday), you'll find all the answers.
You can also access the code paste I did there : http://utilitybase.com/paste/wOZ. Only remember two of my errors (spotted in the thread, but for lazy persons I'll sum them here):
- DTM_PROCLAYOUT *must* receive parameters 0 and 1, so call to it must be replaced by IDoMethod(pLogoDT, DTM_PROCLAYOUT, 0, 1)
- Do NOT DisposeDTObject() unless you are finished with using any of the retrieved data
thomasRe: Picture datatype20110119 14:32  #1116

The DoMethod function does not take a tag list, therefore TAG_END or any TAG_#? does not belong there.

DoMethod gets the method's parameter structure on the stack. The parameter structure of DTM_PROCLAYOUT consists of three longwords. It's the same structure as used for GM_LAYOUT.

struct gpLayout
struct GadgetInfo *gpl_GInfo;
ULONG gpl_Initial;

DoMethodA takes a pointer to the structure while DoMethod takes the structure itself.


struct gpLayout msg = {DTM_PROCLAYOUT,NULL,1};
DoMethodA (obj,(Msg)&msg);


TSKRe: Picture datatype20110120 21:59  #1172

Now I understand. DoMethod takes structures. So when one knows which method to call then you have to find the related structure from Autodocs/includes and then you know which parameters to put there. I've always wondered why the parameters varies quite a lot, when looking example source codes.

(Back in 90s I didn't bother to study Gadtools or MUI. When I got my AmigaOne I decided to learn BOOPSI/Reaction so I'm quite newbie in this area.)
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