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shoeCrazy low avatar requirements20110119 21:01
10 kb limit? Really? No matter how hard I try I can't save an image of 120x120 pixels under 30 kb. Is there something wrong with Photoshop, is it bloating the image somehow?

JPEG, GIF, doesn't matter..

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RIBDEVIL1Re: Crazy low avatar requirements20110119 21:51  #1121
I think your sets for save JPG is wrong, try to reduce the quality. my avatar is 120x120 jpg and use 8k.
ajsRe: Crazy low avatar requirements20110119 21:56  #1122

:-) Use Photogenics save for web option instead, unless photoshop has that option

SeverinRe: Crazy low avatar requirements20110119 22:57  #1124

Photoslop is probably saving a thumb image in the file and other usless data. The best thing to do is resave it using an amiga progam.
TiredOfLifeRe: Crazy low avatar requirements20110120 00:08  #1125

I used lodepaint, did the job for me.

(Cheers kas1e)
salass00Re: Crazy low avatar requirements20110120 04:47  #1126

I used IrfanView for cropping, scaling and saving mine (120x78px, 1.89 kB).
328gtsRe: Crazy low avatar requirements20110121 01:28  #1188
lodepaint works great for resizing avatars (thanks again kas1e)

ThematicRe: Crazy low avatar requirements20110121 05:52  #1192
I use pnmtools for these, simplest solution I can think of.
PhantomRe: Crazy low avatar requirements20110121 16:23  #1216

10kb is really low for avatar requirements, but I've managed to create my own.
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