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LiveForItdespotify problems / lockup20110121 02:56
I'm working on despotify, my current problem is that the application locks up, at sock_close(), the application spawns a pthread, it slows down my computer.

Is possible to find the stack pointer for running application and and start grim on that address, to identify where in the code things go wrong?
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DeniilRe: despotify problems / lockup20110121 12:09  #1200

Use Scout to find out the process address. Then start the GrimReaper with that address as an argument. It will crash the process and give you the usual info.
LiveForItRe: despotify problems / lockup20110121 17:20  #1219

Yes but where in scout?
samo79Re: despotify problems / lockup20110121 17:25  #1220

Here: http://os4depot.net/index.php?function=showfile&file=utility/misc/scout.lha
LiveForItRe: despotify problems / lockup20110121 17:48  #1222

I have the application, I just don't know where to look.

I have "pr_SegList", "pr_CIS", "pr_COS", "pr_CLI", "pt_LocalVars", etc.
LiveForItRe: despotify problems / lockup20110122 04:27  #1242

Checked errno and found some problems, i have solved some but now I get connection refused :-(
joeledRe: despotify problems / lockup20110122 09:59  #1252

I hope everything goes well with despotify. We really need an application like that. Good work!
AlkaronRe: despotify problems / lockup20110122 13:44  #1259
Yes! Thank you for trying to port Despotify!

AlkaronRe: despotify problems / lockup20110122 18:09  #1272

Connection refused..

I think you need a full account to use Despotify. Free or daypass-accounts doesnt work anymore, that might be the reason for "Connection Refused".. I do have a "full account" if you need to test this drop a PM or contact me on IRC.

LiveForItRe: despotify problems / lockup20110122 18:14  #1273

No its just me not being good at TCP/IP programing, issue solved.
Now there is some thing else stopping it.

(And yes you need a account, when it works)
AlkaronRe: despotify problems / lockup20110122 18:16  #1274

Good! :) ..
AlkaronRe: despotify problems / lockup20110217 18:20  #2214
Any progress?
LiveForItRe: despotify problems / lockup20110217 19:26  #2217

rigoRe: despotify problems / lockup20110218 02:37  #2226

Unfortunately, there is usually more to "porting" than simply recompiling. A proper port is shifting the code to native APIS, and making the most of what those APIs have to offer. A simple recompile may appear to work, but generally has problems at one level or another.

LiveForItRe: despotify problems / lockup20110218 03:03  #2227

I know,

DeSpotify is divided in lib parts and gui part and audio part, its designed to be portable.

It was designed to use IP6 / IP4 compliment api,

we don't have this so I was forced to make wrappers.

Then it depends on Bind DNS server, and Bind DNS depends on SUNRPC (its not safe), so I made fake DNS lookup table.

I was able to connect when I compiled whit newlib it returned errno bad socket, when recompiled whit bsdscoket it returned no error code, just failed.

I can't debug bsd socket api, I can't do it whit out some help.
TrevRe: despotify problems / lockup20110218 03:08  #2228

I would call that a fork. Portable code should compile anywhere, and any modified system glue should fit into the upstream project. If you create a fork, you greatly decrease your chances of benefiting from upstream improvements.
joeledRe: despotify problems / lockup20110315 08:31  #2881

Any progress? I hope somebody can help you with this bec we really need a software like Despotify on our platform. Dont give up!!
LiveForItRe: despotify problems / lockup20110315 17:31  #2895

None, Iím working on something else now.

Bad news: Antiques SC2 pc crashed, so now I have no one to play SC2 whit, maybe I get more time coding who knows.
joeledRe: despotify problems / lockup20110316 17:21  #2914

Ahhh to bad.
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