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slayerOS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110122 04:49
Would anyone be remotely interested in creating and maintaining an OS4.x port of this? If done then the GUI would be good too!


I asked the question on the actual KyroFlux forums ages ago and they were happy to supply the code if someone suitable stepped forward... Now they have a Linux version perhaps that source code be a stepping stone?

I think it's ironic that other platforms are doing this and not an Amiga as of yet.

Option A:
I can always test the software since I do own one of the boards.

Option B:
If you have the ability? and are serious? and would like to own your own board? as an incentive I will share half cost with you for the price of an actual KyroFlux board.

disclaimer: Even though I'd shared the cost in helping you purchase the KyroFlux board it places you under no conditions whatsoever (apart from a good faith agreement that you'd port the KyroFlux Software as requested to our Platform of choice) and is your property 100% from day one. End of Story.
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LiveForItRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110122 05:01  #1244

Just use a catweasel it works.

I really do not know how easy it is to port some thing to AmigaOS USB stack, so I can't comment on that my best guess is some from the OS4 development team needs to do it (Rigo).
slayerRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110122 05:07  #1245


I don't think you understand what this device does?

It reads original floppy disk images and soon it will be able to write original disk images back... that means everyone can restore there corrupted original disks (and I have hundreds of disks) in all there former glory 100% copy protected and completely intact!

It's not about just being able to access a floppy disk (DOS format) it's about archiving copy protected disks and being able to write them back (NON-Dos, Long Track, you name it!)
LiveForItRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110122 05:22  #1246

Catweasel MK3/MK4 does that.

ADF images are not copy protected they have Amiga MFM format, its a type of magnetic encoding, its most often used on NDOS disks too, some disk do not have the MFM encoding then you need to copy the disk in raw format, it can be done whit catweasel too, is just question of being able to restore it once its copied.

Its important to know the MFM encoding because then you can identify sectors and CRC codes, whit out you do not know if you copy is valid or not.
LiveForItRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110122 05:29  #1247

slayerRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110122 05:36  #1248


Yes I think I should have just stated that it is the writing part that is the sell to me and even though any diskdrive CAN read the disk, long track and whatever else not every device can write it because its a hardware thing...

I don't think your Catweasel will do this, as far as I know it was never more than a floppy drive interface... but I am quite ignorant of the overall hardware... I doubt very much the SPS team would have bothered producing this hardware solution if something already existed that did the job...
slayerRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110122 05:43  #1249
Well, I visited that link you provided

It is practically the same thing, I'd say the only thing it doesn't do specifically is write all types of protection back?

Interesting :-)

I think I'll still go with SPS guys though since this is exactly there field and goal :-D
LiveForItRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110122 06:04  #1250

The biggest different is that CW4 is PCI device while KyroFlux is a USB device.
The CW has SID chip, (and Joystick ports I don't think they are supported.)

I wrote the first driver for OS4, Ian Gledhill is currently working on the driver and fix bugs etc if any is found, so you better ask him for full details on what catweasel support and what he intend to support in the future.

The MK4 is programmable I think it uses a FPGA, The MK3 has ROM and can not be programmed, the cool thing about this is if Jens Schoenfeld can creates new firmware for MK4 it can totally changes the behavior of the device on a hardware level
(The driver copy's the firmware to the device when the driver activated.).
slayerRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110122 06:44  #1251

Thanks for your interest, but I don't own a CW :-)

I already own a KyroFlux (1 of first batch) so hence my need for OS4.x support for it via my SAM or pending X1000. I can of course just use my work laptop and transfer the files etc and I will do if nothing else comes up.

There really isn't any need for a floppy drive on the modern Amiga... for those random moments I could always use my networked A4000 to access a disk and fire the info across with ftp or even email for that matter but if you're anything like me storing data would have changed progressively over the years the path evolving something like this: floppy disks->zip disks->cdroms->dvds->mass harddrives hence most information you need wouldn't exist on a floppy disk anyway

If you're into emulation and whatever else well then that is part of an interest that lends itself to specific dependencies outside the norm... for anything real for floppies I already own the real thing that will boot a disk etc

The CW obviously caters to specific needs though if anyone would desire this and that's great... the KyroFlux was designed to backup disks from the Amiga and various other platforms and store the read data as an exact digital copy and then write it back (still being tested and finalised for public release) as an exact original copy... and that's all I want...
328gtsRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110122 15:13  #1261

Ian is doing a great job with the CW MK4+ for OS4.1...(many thanks again Ian)...there was a great thread on the real site and he also has a comprehensive support web page at ' http://www.retroreview.com/iang/Catweasel/' .

The only thing I'm waiting for anxiously are drivers to use my old beloved c64 joysticks on my Samflex! gonna throw another email Jens way to see if he has gotten back to Ian on that :-)

also, CWMK4+ does everything the KyroFlux does and also allows you to run copyrighted games right off the original disk under OS4.1 right now...it's all on Ian's web page!

FWIW, I'd much rather support companies/developers that are currently supporting Amiga projects (i.e Jens and Ian)

slayerRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110122 16:18  #1265

That last line I'd agree completely with but I didn't know about the CW as such and I'm not concerned with emulation... no reason why the KF software can't be ported and once its done there will be very little or practically no maintenance... end of the day I'm not too worried, I just do what I can and generally put my money where my mouth is...

And why are you CW fanboys hijacking what was supposed to be a very simple request with my own personal incentive :p

I like the KF because it doesn't try and make you coffee in the morning and bring in the paper. It'll read my original floppy disks and store them and then write back to the disk in the event of a mishap or age corruption. That is all I want it to do. I do not need a floppy drive on my modern Amigas but who knows maybe the KF hardware supports this feature? I don't even know LOL.
LiveForItRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110122 16:44  #1268

We don't like personal incentives :-P

Of course nothing wrong whit more hardware support, its just a simple question is it worth it when we have a working solution.

I know writing drivers can take a lot of time and energy, that's way put project on hold and that's way Ian is working on it now.
328gtsRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110122 18:55  #1276

I must admit your last comment shocks me a bit slayer (insert smiley face) because I've seen your 'crusades' over at amiga.org my friend and I've backed you up on quite a few of them! so now you call me a fanboy eh ?! LOL....again I'll gladly support Jens anyday over another competitor..his quality is superb, prices are fair and he is making new Amiga hardware today.
slayerRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110123 02:31  #1297

Yes, you don't know how many times I've typed out posts on Amigaworld and then just not posted them... The fanboy thing was just a joke but used to illustrate when someone endorses one thing strongly I suppose and I guess I didn't expect to be on the receiving end of someones else choice which has nothing to do with what I'm trying to accomplish under my own steam :-)

I honesty didn't know about the potential or use of the CW or who was behind it, I'd seen it advertised and even clicked on it a few times at Amigakit I think but I didn't need a floppy drive solution and I still don't.

I've been following the KF for quite a while because I do read the odd post on English Amiga Board so once they started getting serious I jumped on the bang wagon showing my support by buying one of the first batch of boards and a supported disk drive. I think it cost at the time $112 euro including P+P I think the CW is more expensive? And so it probably should be being a more substanial product...

btw (another joke) you might not think Jen was that great if you were sitting on a mountain high pile of older Amiga addons that you haven't been able to start selling as of yet LOL

Anyway, I think we've hammered this subject quite enough? I wonder if anyone will even bother taking my thread seriously anymore... thanks you guys :p


I laughed out loud when I saw your comment about not liking incentives! heh
328gtsRe: OS4.x version of KyroFlux Software20110123 04:23  #1300

all in good fun my friend :-)...you lnow us 'fanboys' gotta protect our peeps LOL

btw, price is roughly the same between the 2

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