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TuxedoImageStitching program?20110122 19:16

Anyone ever tryed to port some ImageStitching program from GPL to OS4.x?
We dont have any of that and I think that was really nice to have one :)

Also from shell only or maybe something using the new QT port when finished...

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chrisRe: ImageStitching program?20110122 21:02  #1284


Stitching isn't the main function, but it works pretty well for the task.
TuxedoRe: ImageStitching program?20110123 01:44  #1295

I completely miss that!
Thank you!
I'll try it asap :)
chrisRe: ImageStitching program?20110123 12:54  #1304

Let me know how you get on. The readme doesn't mention stitching, so it's not surprising you missed it even if you were looking for it. I couldn't find it myself, had to click through from my website.

When the main site is back up, take a look at this:
ALE image processing - Hints and tips
ajsRe: ImageStitching program?20110123 13:18  #1305
That link for the hints and tips comes up with a 404 error

edit added some text
chrisRe: ImageStitching program?20110123 13:55  #1306

Hence "When the main site is back up" :)
ajsRe: ImageStitching program?20110123 18:38  #1313

d'oh!! see that's what old age does to you (where's my glasses) Just ask Mikey C he's old ..........8oP

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