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NetSurf 2.8 (OS4 web browser) releasedPosted by chris at 20110922 19:03
NetSurf 2.8 adds support for frames and iframes on all platforms, MIME type sniffing, and a new image cache. Image decoding can now be deferred until images are required for more optimal resource use and faster page load times. The release also incorporates many other newfeatures, optimisations, improvements and bug fixes. Full details in the change log. We recommend all users upgrade.
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Site movingPosted by orgin at 20110922 06:41
The main site is moving to a new server, until everything is set up then you can use this site.

Do note that the sites do not share the same user database. So if you haven't registered here you'll have to do so, or you might have a different password.
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Monthly Page 18Posted by Gebrochen at 20110428 13:59
mmmmmmmmm Eye juicing Goodness, must read now!
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X1000 Nemo Rev. 2 Motherboard in ProductionPosted by MaximvsPayne at 20110318 23:25
With the production of AmigaOne X1000 Beta test boards in progress, A-EON technology is pleased to release schematics of the final revision 2 Nemo motherboard layout.
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iBatch V 1.2 Featurelist and WorkshopPosted by gerograph at 20110318 21:24
for upcoming iBatch Version 1.2
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Sqrxz from KojotePosted by orgin at 20110318 14:04
Dear Amigans,

My team created a new Freeware game. It's about the second part of the "Sqrxz" series, a pretty difficult Jump'n'Run game which requires you being fast but also careful. The game is kept in retro style and will immediately remember you on the good old 16-bit times; pixel graphics and chipmusic inclusive!
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Amiga Future Issues 72 (german+english) onlinePosted by AndreasM at 20110317 15:35
The german and english issue 72 of the Amiga Future are out of stock. Because of that you can read the magazines (amongst many other issues) online at http://www.amigafuture.de/kb.php?mode=cat&cat=65 (german: http://www.amigafuture.de/kb.php?mode=cat&cat=10 .

The Issue 89 release some days ago.
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Even more X1000 News!Posted by MaximvsPayne at 20110310 12:06
Following the AmigaOne X1000 Update article in the current edition of "Amiga Future" magazine we asked Adam Barnes, the Technical Director of Varisys, to provide an official Nemo progress report.
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iBatch V1.2 announced + new FAQ section on iBatch HomepagePosted by gerograph at 20110309 17:09
iBatch V1.2 is coming soon !
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New winbar.docky with Apps supportPosted by centaurz at 20110308 21:35
Winbar.docky 50.14 introduces the ability to see currently running OS4 Applications and perform tasks such as hiding, unhiding and opening recently used documents using the contextual menu. In particular, iconified applications will appear in a different style and can be quickly brought to front.
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