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Hyperion Blog Update: AmigaOS 4.1 Classic Promo videoPosted by orgin at 20110107 09:30
Message from Darren Eveland:
I have updated the Hyperion blog with a new AmigaOS 4.1 Classic promo (unofficial) video.


Enjoy and turn up your speakers :)
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HyperBench released for AmigaOS v4+Posted by orgin at 20110107 09:29
Finland - 5 January, 2011

HyperBench released for AmigaOS version 4 (or better). HyperBench was formerly known as YetAnotherDesk.

HyperBench is a sort of Workbench clone. It's possible to run it on any public screen and it's possible to run as many copies of it as there's enough free RAM. You can call this as "virtual desktops" or "spaces" of Amiga. HyperBench is one executable and it does not replace any system files.
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LhA 2.14 urgent bugfix releasePosted by orgin at 20110102 19:20
Sven Ottemann has updated LhA to fix an issue with file datestamps for 2011. It is highly recommended for all users to update LhA to the new version, but especially important for users creating archives.

The new version is available on OS4Depot and Aminet.
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New Icons and AISS 4.11Posted by orgin at 20110101 00:41
Several icon sets and a update for AISS in the new AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1 style are available on the Masonicons website.
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Merry Christmas!Posted by orgin at 20101224 06:41
The Amigans.net team wishes you all a
Merry merry christmas! :)

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AmigaOne X1000 CPU RevealedPosted by rigo at 20101223 21:49
London, 21st December 2010

AmigaOne X1000 CPU revealed - the cake is no lie!

A-EON Technology is pleased to finally reveal the identity of the mystery CPU powering the AmigaOne X1000. It's none other than the uber cool PWRficient PA6T processor developed by fabless chip designer PA Semi.
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LAG 19 PostponedPosted by orgin at 20101222 21:01
Due to the uncertainty of the duration of the current Arctic weather, LAG 19, originally pre-booked for Saturday the 8th of January 2011 is postponed.

Stay tuned to http://lincsamiga.org.uk/ and the "Amiga" sites for updates
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Wet 6 released!Posted by orgin at 20101222 19:11
Merry Christmas from Unsatisfactory Software!

Today we have released a new version of Wet, the weather information application for AmigaOS 3.9 and up.

Major new additions include support for plug-ins, and a brand new OS4.1 style theme by cha05e90.

More information & download
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cha05e90 Icons 2010-3Posted by orgin at 20101222 14:31
A fresh, new and winterly upload of my third 64x64 pixel icon package to OS4Depot:

Download link: http://os4depot.net/index.php?function=showfile&file=graphics/icon/cha05e90_icons_2010-3.lha

This is the third release of new and re-worked icons fitting to the official OS4.1 Update 1 look (64x64 pixel 32Bit).
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Hyperion Entertainment Developer BlogPosted by rigo at 20101219 21:58
Hyperion Entertainment has opened up their new Developer Blog to the public. On this blog, we intend to inform you in irregular intervals about news and developments on AmigaOS 4.x and others stuff. We kick off with a sneak peek at the Classic AmigaOS 4.1 with two exclusive screenshots, written by our beta tester Darren Eveland.
Enjoy the blog at http://blog.hyperion-entertainment.biz
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