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WordNet 3.2 released for AmigaOS4Posted by rigo at 20101218 23:48
Daniel Jedlicka has released an updated version of the electronic dictionary and thesaurus WordNet. Based on the original WordNet by the Cognitive Science Laboratory, Princeton University, this greatly enhanced AmigaOS4 version adds a comfortable ReAction-based interface and numerous other features.
It is available from os4depot.net.
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Klystrack - A new chiptune tracker for AOS4!Posted by orgin at 20101217 07:15
About Klystrack

Klystrack is a synthetic tracker similiar to the wellknown AHX/THX tracker
by Abyss. It produces a C64/SID like sound.
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BOH - The Christmas SurpriCePosted by orgin at 20101215 14:33
Campobasso, Italy - December 15, 2010

The update released a few days ago was not the only surprise in store for Christmas: starting today, BOH comes at ridiculously low price!
In fact, who fancies the idea of receiving a nice boxed copy of BOH comfortably at home, only needs EUR 8.99, for Italy, or EUR 14.99, for any other place in the world! - and that's including taxes and shipping!
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Amiga Future issue 88 previewPosted by orgin at 20101214 15:46
The preview and excerpts of the Amiga Future issue 88 (Januar/Februar 2011) are online now.

Highlights in this issue:
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AmiDVD updatedPosted by orgin at 20101213 21:27
A new AmiDVD has been released. It is now available through AmiUpdate.
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BOH update 14 releasedPosted by orgin at 20101210 09:22
Campobasso, Italy - December 9, 2010

The year could not end without BOH players getting one more nice gift: this 14th update ups the total number of missions to a whopping 50 (for many tens of hours of play), brings a few enhancements and makes life easier to who enjoys creating his own missions!
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Amigans.net hackedPosted by orgin at 20101209 09:52
Bad news/Good news depending on your preference. Amigans.net has been hacked. This temporary site has been set up for the time being.

Click read more, for .. more.
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